Kermit Gosnell and Cecile Richards: What's So Different?

You say you love me.
But at one time you loved him
So what’s so different?
Tell me if you, were in my shoes
What would you do or think of me?
Would you trust me?
But you feedin’ me, All this rap about,
How it’s different
But it’s not mentioned what you’re doin’ is wicked.
Now I’m having, second thoughts about,
You and me, cuz this is not how I want it or it should be.


I know it might be controversial to suggest Cecile Richards ought to face the same potential punishment as abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. But if you really dig deep underneath her political power and influence, her millions of dollars, her famous mother, and her connections within the left wing echo chamber, Cecile Richards is nothing more than a common serial killer. Peel back the onion and those layers give you an annual murder rate that would put the most gang infested, crime riddled inner city hood to shame. The murder wrap attached to Cecile Richards makes John Gotti look like Pope John Paul II.

Under this blood thirsty mafioso in Murphy Brown attire, Planned Parenthood is responsible for 995,687 murders from 2009 through 2011. That’s more lives taken in a span of two years than what can be accounted for during the violent reign of vicious mobsters Roy Demeo, Nicky Scarfo, and the entire hit list of the Gambino and Genovese crime families combined. What does it say when Planned Parenthood has taken more lives than some of America’s most notorious mobsters?

So where’s the red carpet treatment for the “good fellas”? Why are we outraged by Kermit Gosnell and yet we’re willing to accept the practice of one Cecile Richards? This woman makes money off of killing innocent children; she’s worse than the fellas who had to shed a little blood to maintain that “thing of theirs”.

I’m surprised to hear that Mr. Obama recently backed out of a speaking slot at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser. I guess at some point there starts to be too much blood on the blood money, it drips and drips and leaves a trail. I’m glad he backed out even if for political reasons. To me Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be called Planned Parenthood because that butcher shop does nothing even remotely related to planning parenthood. In fact it should be called Parenthood Buzzkill, their slogan being: “Parenthood Buzzkill: “Where we end your chance at parenthood, by killing your baby” or “Parenthood Buzzkill: We’re guaranteed to give potential parents a buzzkill, by killing their babies”

I have only prayers for Kermit Gosnell as I know he will surely need them, in this life, and more importantly the one he’s certain to have when he’s dead and gone. Murder is a sin, we’re commanded by God “Thou shalt not kill”. Murder can’t be parsed into categories of “Acceptable” and “Unacceptable”, there’s only one concrete definition of the word and by that measure there should be only one view on murder: It’s wrong.

When you murder innocent children, those who commit such atrocities should be condemned across the board; not celebrated and or paid a healthy ransom for the act. I say if Kermit Gosnell takes the stand for the crime of murder, Cecile Richards ought to get ready and take the stand for murder and murder for hire.



El Fantasma


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