Liberals Like Al Sharpton Want To Take Your Guns Away, In Order To Prevent Future Bombings

If it weren’t so true it would be funny, which makes it even more scary considering just how serious liberals are when it comes to taking away your right to privacy when it comes to guns. If you want background checks fine, we can debate that issue on its own, but to somehow conjure up in your brain the relationship between homemade bombs and background checks, either you’re a moron on purpose or by accident when you open your mouth and nonsense pours like Niagara Falls.

A background check for grandma’s crock pot will do ya mate?

That’s so much all kinds of stupid man, so much stupid. What can a background check do to stop a terrorist? Especially when most terrorists prefer to use weapons of mass destruction, like bombs…and….bombs.

This is what I talked about after Sandy Hook, where the left would try and make an argument that had no real sticking point because the reality shifting pass every argument they made, which was one argument: “We need background checks” Okay well, you gonna perform a background check on every Target and Walmart shopper who purchases a crock pot? Who fits the profile mate? You want to profile white women between the age of 49-69 who drive mini vans and volunteer as room mothers for their children and grandchildren’s 3rd grade class?

We’re moving right, and so my mom is trying to give away a lot things she no longer wants to hold on to. So she gave my sister her crock pot, so I suppose now liberals want my sister to register her crock pot with the feds?

I understand the subject in relation to background checks however I object to the timing in which liberals chose to push this argument. Why now? What does a bombing in Boston have to do with background checks for firearms when firearms weren’t used to cause mass damage son?

Tom Brokaw brought up background checks on Meet the Press and again, bombs and guns are completely different. There is no such thing as a background check for bombs. You’d have to regulate every household item and apparently every culinary product known to man.

Liberals are feeling defeated because the background check bill in the Senate was put on ice like a six pack of brew. So they will try to find anything to help their argument, problem is the Boston Marathon attacks weren’t cause by things that go “pow pow”, but with things that go “boom”.

And liberals, I don’t want to shatter your perception of government, but the government can’t protect you from violence ma friend. I know that sounds crushing but reality tends to offer so much more chilling truth than hope and optimism these days. If I or anyone else wanted to peel your wig piece the government can’t do anything to stop it, especially if I or anyone else were motivated enough to do so.

And there you have the core of what drives liberals when it comes to guns: They know deep down the government can’t protect them, so rather than accepting the reality of violence and gun crimes they just want President Obama and the federal government to make it go away through unconstitutional gun control legislation. Problem is even that won’t stop someone from kicking in your door and blasting you in half with the steel.

What’s the government gonna do? How will they protect you from that guy in all black who follows you halfway down the block every night as you walk home from work? He knows the route you take and one night he might finally decide to rape you; where’s the government?

How can a gun registry prevent some isolated young white male from taking his father’s guns, or in the case of Adam Lanza his mother’s guns and spraying a kindergarten class like he’s reenacting the final scene from Scarface? “Say hello to ma little frien”

Government can stop many would be terrorist attacks from happening but they can’t and won’t be able to stop all of them.

If reality were cocaine it would be a helluva drug.

Your government can’t protect you, now tell me how you feel knowing that I’m right and you’re wrong.

What drives an individual to commit acts of destruction be it a bomb or bullets isn’t the access to weapons, but the intent of the individual. And that my friends is about evil, not the 2nd amendment.

Liberals need to stop trying to regulate evil and just face it like a man.



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