What Is Evil?

Does anyone know what evil is? Do you know if evil plagues this nation or is it judgement? I’m not God, and I’m not perfect, but I know who God is and I know what evil is. Sandy Hook was a form of evil, and whoever set off those bombs in Boston that took the life of an eight year old child, that person or persons most certainly fall in line with the idea of evil.

Here’s the reality as it pertains to evil: It’s here in our country as we speak, it’s been here for a long while, you cannot regulate its demise, you cannot legislate its containment, you cannot deploy the world’s largest Military after it in hopes of scrubbing it off every corner of the globe. This isn’t the movies where the good guys win in such a way that only a Hollywood production can articulate. Evil is among us and it means you and your family harm. The bombing in Boston was just the beginning in what evil will exercise in terms of its utter contempt for what is good.

This has nothing to do with America and everything to do with a war between forces, America is simply among the many nations given a choice as to which side it’ll represent.

And with evil comes fear, naturally. Fear is what kept many Americans from going out and living their lives after 9-11. Fear is what will keep a lot of people from living their lives in Boston and other cities, at least for a while. When you give in to fear you let evil know that he has won, not just the battle but the war itself.

Terrorism both foreign and domestic, mass shootings, the whole nine yards will be with us until the very end of this the end of the age. So instead of giving in to this fact, and building a wall between yourself and the outside world, embrace comfort knowing that these events though more frequent, and likely more intense will not last as long as they seem.

When an intruder breaks into your house what do you do after the fact? Will you up and move to just encounter the next home invader or will you stay, prepare yourself and not let fear cloud your life decisions?

Evil’s made a stop at the hotel, and where he lays his hat is home. Well, we’ll leave the light on for ya. I won’t let the fear of the boogie man dictate to me how I live my life. Part of this tragedy on Boston is one to play as a test for the heart of America in that maybe God wanted to see how we respond to situations of chaos and fear. Where fear rampages and pillages, will we run in horror like the doomed villagers or will we run toward the sounds of destruction with the Conan sword? Well, not the remake because the Conan remake sucked, but you know what I mean.

People shouldn’t stop running in marathons as one woman contemplated when she called into the Mark Levin Show. 9-11 didn’t keep us from getting on airplanes and going to New York, this bombing in Boston will not keep Americans from participating in marathons for a good cause.

The more evil ups the ante the most we’ll stand strong together, I truly pray for that reaction to evil’s next dramatic play for attention. Even if we lose half the population of this country we mustn’t let evil see us bleed. I don’t care how many sand roaming bearded Aladdin’s there are out there with pent up sexual frustration and a hard on over their hatred of all things Americana, it won’t kill my joy and it won’t rain on the plans God has for my future and that of my family.

Fear was the attempted response sought by a coward who used bombs as his weapon of choice to impose evil on a city. But the heart of Boston beats strong, and we know cowards ain’t got no heart. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m shipping  up to Boston, to find my wooden leg… I’ll need it when I want to jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down.

Oh and stay prayed up and don’t get caught slippin’



El Fantasma 


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