Barack Obama Doesn't Care About White Kids

Dedicated to Michael Norgrove, a fallen member of the boxing community.


And no I’m not Kayne West and no I don’t play him on TV, I would however like to one day spent a night by myself at a Holiday Inn. But anyhow, you know if you hang around long enough and listen closely you’ll hear little nuggets of truth come from the mouths of President Obama, or at least in this case his allies in the media. So now we know, this entire push, this passionate plea, the exploitation of dead children and the exploitation of living children, using the parents of those victims of Sandy Hook were all in line with the President trying to cement his legacy.

You know at some point as a nation we’re going to have to seriously look at the kind of people we vote into positions of power. I mean, I guess these are truly twisted times in which we live, I have never seen such a blatant admission of such a selfish and self congratulating agenda as the one we’re seeing now. The media spilled the beans when they starting writing stories just this week about how this push for important gun control legislation is all about Mr. Obama’s legacy. So then who isn’t this push about? I guess it’s not about the kids who were killed at Sandy Hook, who by the why were supposed to be the reasons why President Obama made his emotional and poll tested er I mean passionate and sincere plea for serious reform to our gun control laws.

I’m not perfect, but as someone who actually believes in something having to do with something outside of my own world, I hate when people use children as tools in their master plan of defining something that will promote them through history. The great linebacker Mike Singletary had the perfect comment regarding individuals who believe in themselves rather than the cause of a greater good. Now in this case Coach Singletary was talking about Vernon Davis, but still his comments about Davis apply to President Obama’s pursuit of personal accomplishment over the greater good:


“It was something I told everybody at the very beginning of the week.

That I will not um, tolerate players who think its about them, when its about the team.

And uh, we cannot make..we cannot make decisions that’ll cost the team.

And then come off the sideline and its nonchalant.

No, you know what? This is how I believe okay I’m from the old school I believe this,

I would rather play with ten people and just get penalized all the way until we gotta do something else

rather than play with eleven when I know that right now that person isn’t sold out to be apart of this team.

It is more about them, then it is about the team. Cannot play with em, cannot win with em, cannot coach with em, can’t do it.”


Mr. President either admit that this whole debate is about you and your legacy and you’re perceived by historians and generations yet to come, or have the decency to set that all aside and address the real issues which reach far beyond the access to guns and how our laws in regards to guns are exercised. Don’t go around giving speeches using police officers as a back drop, using grieving families and dead children as your prop in this little theater production you call gun control legislation. You wanna get the serious meat and bones of this issue? Why not address your money sources in Hollywood and the Music Industry? The two most evil and influential operators in the American political, social, and cultural fabric have just as much blood on their hands as Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association. And tell Jim Carrey if he has the time after he’s done making all these anti-Charleton Heston and anti-gun videos for that crap shoot website Funny or Die, he oughta look behind him and appreciate the fact that he employs armed security like the rest of those overpaid  drugged up zombies in Hollywood. Bunch of dun clown out there trying to take away your right to bear arms for protection meanwhile you try to walk up on one of them for an autograph and you liable to walk away with a bullet in your skull.

Folks say well him passing gun control legislation will by definition bring more safety to our children when it comes to guns. Nope, because you’ve had countless members of Congress on both sides come out since Sandy Hook and admit that whatever they pass won’t have a real effect on gun violence and mass shootings. From governor Cuomo in New York to Richard Blumenthal the Democrat Senator from Connecticut, they’ve all said whatever new law they pass it likely won’t help much.

So if they know it won’t help then why are they passing the laws? If I know bicycle tires won’t fit on my truck why would I try to put bicycle tires on my Ford F150? Why wouldn’t I just go and get the right tires that fit my truck instead of wasting time with small tires that won’t have much if any impact on what I’m trying to accomplish, which is putting new tires on my truck?

It’s far easier to create devils when the devils aren’t funding your very existence as president. If Wayne LaPierre were stuffing Mr. Obama’s pockets with cash well, I’ll state the obvious, he wouldn’t even look in the direction of the NRA. Hollywood paid for President Obama’s five year stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It was an all expense paid trip to Washington in a lavish and spacious white multiple room mansion in the heart of the nation’s capital. And in return President Obama continues to ignore the negative effects movie violence has on our society. The NRA gives you the platform to promote guns, Hollywood and the music industry taught you how to use those guns. Except, God forbid we go after freedom of speech, when it comes to Hollywood that is. When you’re an anti-Islamic filmmaker making movies on Youtube, well that’s another story. By the way is that guy still a political prisoner or did the Justice Department finally order his release since you know Benghazi is old news because the President won reelection.

You can have real gun control laws that serve a purpose and ensure the protection of the 2nd Amendment and also have a serious discussion about how our culture has become more and more evil because of Hollywood and popular music. Both can be achieved Mr. President, but unfortunately you believe your legacy and your friendships with Hollywood heavy hitters are more important than the constitutionally protected right to bear arms, and the lives of 20 dead children.



El Fantasma


“Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black 

Must of been a white guy who started all that”