Parents of America To Melissa Harris-Perry: No, My Kids Belong To Me and God

Erick Erickson hit it on the head, the MSNBC promo spot with Melissa Harris-Perry is a profoundly unbelievable and altogether annoying declaration that your kids belong to communities, you just gave birth to them, and pay for their clothes, pay for their food, pay for their medical expenses, and so on. But I mean, the kids in all reality, actually belong to your entire neighborhood. I don’t have kids, a lot of my buddies from high school have kids, I want kids in the near future when I finally finish college, but I did have children they would answer to me, not some twice married college professor with her own television show. I simply want to add on to what Erick said because you know one of the things I hate is when folks you don’t know come up to you and tell you how to raise your kids, meanwhile their kids are all messed up.

It’s like when Liv Tyler scolded that woman because the woman spanked her daughter in public. Now, it wasn’t Liv Tyler’s daughter mind you, but she still felt the need to go up to this woman and lecture her for disciplining her own child. This is how the left thinks, first of all if my wife whooped my son or daughter in public and a celebrity or anyone else came up to her and starting pointing their finger in her face and scolding her, go head and start the ten count because my wife probably would have spark her out cold right then and there.

I could see if the child was in immediate danger you know sexual or physical abuse then of course you want to step in and intervene. But if someone is giving their child a routine slap on the butt or a slap on the hand, man you better not ever come up to me and try to tell me about how to discipline my kids; I’ll slap the eyebrows off your head.

But since the left wants to own your kids, and God willing in the future my kids, okay fine. Here’s what we’re going to do, take care of Latisha’s kids and see how far you get. Let’s see if they still believe your kids belong to them. One hour with her bad nappy headed kids and I bet Melissa Harris-Perry and others on the left will be singing a different tune.

They want to take care of your kids but when it comes to solving the real issues that affect young people today the left is nowhere to be found. The reason you ask? It’s simple, the left is the one causing all the problems that are affecting youngsters from the womb to the college campus. How in the world can you take care of my kids when you’re the one who created all the cultural, economic, and social pitfalls that have claimed so many young people? How many young lives have Hollywood and the music industry claimed by creating the false image of young girls and the false image of young minorities, particularly young black men?

The left created the monsters that hide out in our children’s closet, yet they feel they know best how to protect them from those creatures?

Another thing that boggles my cranium is on one hand liberals like Mrs. Harris-Perry support and promote the murdering of millions of children on the regular, while promoting the idea that children belong to their communities. So the children who survive your abortion rituals will be the ones you steal from their beds and from their cribs in the dead of night like some chilling horror movie?

This whole thing ain’t nothing but one big horror flick with bad actors and empty dialogue filled with cheesy cliches and one liners.

Listen, Mrs. Harris-Perry your children belong to you, the parents of four in the Midwest, their children belong to them, and never again should you express such an irrationally misguided and twisted view of how children should be treated in this country. It’s bad enough that our culture wants to turn them into sexual objects, it’s bad enough thousands of children are exploited through sex trafficking, and it’s bad enough that children are use for political purposes for our president in his mission to implement absolute control over the right to bear arms.

Charles Barkley said it best:

“I am not a role model

I am not paid to be a role model

I am paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court

Parents should be role models

Just because I can dunk a basketball, doesn’t mean I should raise your kids”


And El Fantasma says: I am not your baby’s daddy, and thank God because he’s probably bad as hell.

I think I speak for the parents of America when I say to Melissa Harris-Perry, Michelle Obama, and the left in general: We can take care of our kids just fine, worry about your own.



El Fantasma, Graduado de la escuela de Roberto Durán

(The Ghost: Graduate of the School of Roberto Duran)




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