Mark Sanford: Why, Just Why You Know?

Random thought of the day: How can the Blue Jackets who are in the same division as the St. Louis Blues and aren’t going to make the playoffs have a better trade deadline day than the Blues who are going to the playoffs?


Mark Sanford is back, like a slasher movie villian the man returns to exercise his havoc on the great state of South Carolina. Mark Sanford is an adulterer who I mean is straight up with this chick like they’ve been high school sweethearts or something. Is Jenny Sanford still alive? This dude created this new life within the life he has now, which is the life he ruined because he fell victim to his flesh. Adultery is wrong, asking the person you cheated with to marry you is even worse. Do the people of South Carolina not have the integrity and the respect for Jenny Sanford and her children to tell Mark Sanford he’s no longer welcome in their state? If conservatives believe Anthony Weiner should stay where he is and not make a triumphant return to politics, the same should apply to the former governor.

People always say, “America is the land of second chances” well did you ever stop and think the problem with some of these filth magnet pigs in suits occupying positions of power in our government is that we give them second chances, and third chances, and fourth chances to screw us over because well, America loves a comeback story now don’t we? Meanwhile they get to be scumbags and your life is no different now than it was before they did the dirt.

Mark Sanford shouldn’t have it so easy to where he can hide away for a few years, make an appearance on Fox News, and then act like nothing happened. These guys and gals always act like nothing happened. Bill Clinton, the most overrated president to ever walk this Earth committed perjury, he cheated on his wife and embarrassed her in front of the world, he disgraced his own daughter, but hey he creates a couple global foundations, sweet talks the media, and all the sudden he’s back in our hearts like nothing ever happened. Like, he never played “speak into the microphone” with a White House intern after hours in the Oval Office. Is it really that simple America? Are your votes that cheap? No wonder President Obama can just offer young single women condoms and birth control pills and have them voting in mass come election time. If the name of the game is lolipop then ya’ll aint nothing but some all day suckers.

I’m not saying Mark Sanford should be banned from making a living, I just don’t want him to make a living as a politician because his ability to make the right decision, based on what we now know about this whole bangalang with Mrs. Argentina in the mountains, his ability to make the right decision is flawed at best. You don’t cheat on your wife first of all, but second of all you don’t leave your wife and children behind so you can be with the woman your creeping with.

Didn’t Mr. Otis from Martin teach us what happens when you creep?

“Mr. Otis, a bulletproof vest? What are we suppose to do with these, what is this for?”

“Better safe than sorry Missy”

“Okay, ol’ Otis can tell you, that bullets hurt, they hurt”

“Mr. Otis have you been shot before?”

“That’s right I been shot, girl I took an AK-47 right here, caught one right there scarred me fo life”

“I see it scarred you, Mr. Otis”

“I also caught one in the rump girl, but that was from my wife. Ol’ Otis don’t creep no more you know what I’m sayin?”


We also know from Lionel Richie that when you cheat on your spouse, your spouse will kick you and your mistresses butt like she’s in a prize fight with Mike Tyson. So not only is cheating wrong, not only is it sinful, but if your wife can throw hands then cheating might land you the worst beatdown you ever had. The last thing you wanna do is cheat on a woman who has nasty hands and will use your head as a speed bag. Mark Sanford is blessed Jenny didn’t run up on him and his mistress and catch a case. That man could of had all his clothes burning on the front lawn of the governor’s mansion.

It all comes down to “lesser of two evils” in how we elect our politicians on any level. That and whether or not they care about us and whether we think they’re nice enough to want to drink a beer with them or if we think they’re mean. Yes, I love my country sometimes, sometimes I just love my country sarcastic, sarcastic, sarcastic so much sarcasm. Mark Sanford is conservative enough for conservative South Carolina despite his shady character and the whole leaving his wife thing. If I had a dime for every poltician in either party who cheated on their spouse, or up and left their spouse for another woman…or man, son, I would be paid.



El Fantasma Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)





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