Separation of Church and State: Liberal Hypocrisy at Its Finest...As In Its Very Worst

Random thought of the day: Just caught the trailer for the new Evil Dead remake because on Xbox Live they show commercials on the home screen in these little boxes. From what I saw it looks horrible, unnecessarily violent, likely to have unnecessary amounts of nudity and sex, and like always when Hollywood tries to appeal to this generation they miss the mark like a drunk blind man urinating in the dark.

Now in the words of Keith Thurman: “KO’s for life”

One of the most widely and inaccurately used political tactics employed by the left is the idea of separation of church and state, which they falsely believe was established in the first amendment in our constitution. Little do they know however, separation of church and state and the constitution never crossed paths, never ever in evernessness.

This same sex marriage debate has opened my eyes, or at least reminded me just how dishonest the left really is. On one hand we can’t have the Ten Commandments inside the court room and we better not have a manger scene set up outside our local city hall. But when it comes to…shocking! Their agenda and how it might affect their agenda, suddenly the left ain’t so bent out of shape over the idea that government might intentionally impose itself on the church, you know that whole church and state thing. This time instead of separation you have marriage, politically and literally. The state telling religious folks that a religious institution such as marriage can be forcefully redefined in the name of something the state believes in, which is gay marriage, despite the fact that opposition to same sex marriage is a religiously based principle, nah that doesn’t in bold letters outline the very foundation of what liberals have been yelping about for years whenever conservatives want to fight for something so innocent as a cross constructed near the highway.

I’ll say this again, liberals are only honest about what they believe when they lie about what they believe. They do in fact believe the state should impose its will on the church because they want to see the church diminished. If one believes in the separation of the state and the church, then you can’t possibly support the idea of federal, state, or local governments legislating the religious beliefs of the citizen. If the concept is to prevent a theocracy which I oppose such a form of government, and to also prevent the slow erosion of religious freedom, then how can you ask me to take your world view as serious when you want my Christian beliefs to be stifled and redefined by the federal body, but a theocracy is tyranny holding a bible speaking in tongues.

Which is it? If you don’t want religious government similar to Iran and Saudi Arabia, then you must also reject the state openly changing the definitions and concepts of my religious faith, and therefore open to punishing those in my faith who wish to ignore any measures or laws now, and in the future. Separation of church and state, I suppose if done correctly would ensure that neither theocracy nor secular tyranny rule man, but instead man be ruled by a government that protects both is religious convictions and at the same time halt his misguided use of federal power.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has no business getting into this marriage business. Dare I say allow same sex couples to share the same economic benefits as heterosexual married couples, but the idea of changing the definition of a key component to Christianity is something the likes of playing with fire surrounded by gas stations in the middle of nowhere.

The court should not have the authority to define or redefine something that is religious because the court, which is an arm of the government via judicial branch, is secular, and the church, is not. Just as the church cannot redefine the first amendment in order to appease those who might get offended by some who speak ill of religion, the courts can’t tell you or I what marriage is just because homosexuals want to get married.

Marriage is a religious institution, it is something God created and set apart for a man and a woman. God declared for male and female, who were created in his image to come together as one with God and to procreate. Homosexuals cannot procreate, so why would God say: “You know what, some of these folks I created might be gay so I’m going to let them get married just in case so they can feel involved.” The question isn’t did God create people to be gay, the question is did God know people would be gay and the answer is yes. We’re created by God but freewill gives us the choice to live in sin or to be rescued from sin through acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Listen to the book, Isaiah 46:10- “Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish.” 

You don’t think God knew there was going to be a group of people on this earth who like to have sex and be with other people who share the same gender? If God can see the end from the beginning, and in Isaiah 46:10 it tells us that everything he plans will come to pass, then I don’t know maybe he created marriage as a concrete way of setting certain people apart from each other? If homosexual is immoral and deviant, and heterosexual is natural and holy through marriage, then why wouldn’t God who created marriage, the male, the female, whose plan will come to pass, why wouldn’t he allow homosexuality to be on the earth but make separate and holy the union between opposite sex? I don’t know…maybe God was trying to preserve something he felt was in need of preservation and definition? Which is why your Uncle Bob from Arkansas can’t marry his sister, incest. Which is why your weird older cousin can’t marry the family dog, beasteality; and why your great grandfather Morton shouldn’t of had five wives between the age of 14 and 37, polygamy.

Yes separate the church from the state when the family members of a fallen soldier want to build a cross in his honor along the highway, but the state redefining religious principles is okay. Something tells me the old conceptual cliche applies: If Muslims were fighting for the definition of marriage the gay community and supporters of same sex marriage wouldn’t be trying to move heaven and earth to get their agenda passed. They wouldn’t have overturned Prop 8 in California if a majority of Muslims voted for it five years ago. I guess, this whole separation of church and state crap only applies to the people who worship the God who said marriage is between a man and a woman.


Wow, so this is what it feels like when the state controls your religion.



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