We Have To Go Back!

This new set up on this site is at war with my patience. My patience is losing, I can’t post comments, as in I can’t reply to people who may have beef, praise, questions, or suggestions. This saddens me and I have to ask Erick Erickson: Why do you hate America?

Why do you hate black people? Why didn’t you stay with the old set up that made posting comments easy?
Am I pissed off? Yes, because this is an unnecessary evil we’re dealing with. I have no idea how to comment on the posts of others or reply to people who comment on what I write about.
I posted a comment once on the new site and that was on accident.
This new site is like, the online equivalent to voter suppression.
Listen to Jack Shepard, he knows what he’s talking about homey.
WE HAVE TO GO BACK! Or at least make it clear for the less internet savvy among us how to post comments.
Help tomjeffersonsghost learn how to post comments or the terrorists will win this time, this time I’m serious they will win this time.
Why so much pain, so much fail pain with this new site….
El Fantasma
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