How To Win The Next Election


” Sup big Worm?”

“How much you got left?”

“Man I got a lot”

“You still ain’t sold that weed Smokey?”

“Man I’m trying to Worm, n*ggas are broke these days”

“I don’t think you applying yo self Smokey”


“You smokin my stuff?”

“Hell naw f*** wit yo stuff?”

“You smokin my stuff?”

“Now why would I do some stuff like that?”

“I don’t wanna have to f*** you up Smokey”

“Playin wit my money, is like playin wit my emotions”

“Worm, eh you the last brother’s money I play wit”

“I’ll steal from my momma, before I mess wit yo stuff, and you know this man”

“We’ll see”

Playing with Americans’ money is like playing with their emotions, and thus is the key factor in how conservatives can win the next election outside any argument on principle, although principles are needed no doubt to explain why paychecks across this great land are on the Slim Fast diet. Americans don’t agree on many issues especially as it pertains to the Republican Party. But if it’s one thing that can unite a voting majority to your cause its the issue of take home pay and the security one feels when they cash their check after a week of dealing with folks they can’t stand at a job they hate. Most jobs suck, but the silver lining has always been the fat paycheck at the end of the week or end of every other week if you’re me.

Its the glue that keeps the mental balance of the average American working intact and prevents future workplace shootings from taking place. An $11.00 an hour job where you’re making $850 bucks every week and you got good credit should be worn like a badge of honor, not dreaded because you know between the tax man, Obamacare, and that bill collector who got an attitude with you last week when you didn’t have the 245.95 to put on the electric bill, your “after I pay such and such” budget will be thinner than an anorexic white girl.

Americans shouldn’t fear getting paid because taxes are being chomped out of their paychecks. I believe you have to pay taxes first of all because Jesus told us to give to Cesar’s what is Cesar’s and give to the Lord what is his as well. I tithe my pay faithfully and every American ought to tithe because God blessed you with the opportunity to make money by blessing you with a job. But the excess to which Democrats and this president are willing to go via tax increases I believe is playing a dangerous game of “dodge the fiscal responsibility bus”.

The fact that they are willing to shrink your paychecks and put your economic present in jeopardy just so they can stick it to the rich, shows you how little they care about the middle class voter in this country. I’m not talking from a point of poll tested and rehearsed RNC Autopsy pander junk, I’m speaking real words as someone who is trying to prepare a return to college full time to complete my degree, and put up with a less than stellar job as a fry cook working 41 hours.

Part of me nods and says to self: “Self, these folks who got all hot and bothered for Mr. Obama are starting to realize they voted for more than they bargained and now they feel mad heat from these tax hikes; good riddance.” But then I step back and I feel sorry for them because they had to learn and will learn the hard truth about our president’s policies in regards to taxes and how he essentially lied to his supporters when he said he wouldn’t raise one dime of taxes on the middle class.

The way to a voter’s heart is through their pocket. I talk about a trust platform for the GOP, none or clear and attention gathering than shining a light on how small your paycheck got over the course of a year’s time. And brothas, listen brothas, you fool around with a brotha’s money and that’ll lose you the black vote for one hundred years. If there’s one group out there more anxiety stricken when it comes to their check, it’s black folks. You give black people any reason to feel nervous or angry about their money you’re in trouble. I always said, the moment brothas find out what this black president’s been doing to their paycheck they’re gonna start to wake up.

As bad as we’ve had it dealing with bill collectors and stuff. I forgot which comedian joked about black people and caller ID. Black people are affected differently than white folks when it comes to economic issues obviously. I mean, of course everybody in America is feeling the pinch but black folks in particular feel it more than white people.

They were all on Twitter complaining and cursing because the taxes taken from their checks were noticeably higher than the past.

Don’t pull a tiger’s tail, don’t pee in high wind, and never mess with the American people and their paychecks.

Time to go Big Worm on em, cause they playin wit our money, and playin wit our money is like playin wit our emotions.



El Fantasma, Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)












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