John McCain and Lindsey Graham: Like Puff Daddy Say, They Got A "PH.D., A Player Hater Degree"

Yeah!  Tell your moms to mind her business

Your mom’s in my business, she’s in my business
Can’t you see girl that your mom’s trying to end this?
Your mom’s in our business
Now tell your moms to mind her business

(‘Before I let go’)


Long time Senators and bestest friends for life John McCain and Lindsey Graham don’t appreciate Rand Paul’s little stunt the other day when he filibustered the confirmation of John Brennan. McCain lectured everyone on how to properly push an issue to the forefront without making yourself look like as he put it, “a wacko”. Yes, better to remain on your knees all night long during a dinner date with President Obama than to go directly to the heart of the matter and systematically layout the arguments in a coherent and intelligent manner, which by the way Rand Paul certainly did. I’m sorry John McCain and Lindsay Graham, and Rand Paul is sorry because instead of appeasing the liberals in the Democrat Party and kissing the president’s bi-racial rear, the Senator from the state of Kentucky opted for integrity and the constitution over being pathetic and without a spine or conviction.

And then you have Lindsay Graham like the John McCain fanboy he is following up behind his little buddy (“My Buddy, my buddy, wherever I go he goes, my buddy, my buddy, my buddy and me!”) John McCain does kind of look like an old My Buddy doll doesn’t he? Like one that was washed too many times and chewed on a little bit by the family dog.

Both men called Rand’s filibuster “ill-informed” and Senator Graham using a place card said he doesn’t worry about any drone strikes killing American citizens on American soil, but that he is cares more about the fact that Al-Qaeda has killed 2,958 Americans. So in other words the serious implications and the very fact that regardless of whether or not the president wears blue or red, fact is the president has at his fingertips the decision to use a predator drone on American citizens both here at home and or abroad is the furthest thing from the minds of these two clowns?

You know, because as long as we can wage war against somebody John McCain will support you to a fault, and well Lindsay Graham will go along because everywhere that Mary went the lamb is sure to go.

Mark Levin and Sean Hannity were on to something when they said the reasons behind McCain and Graham openly attacking Rand Paul perhaps had less to do with the subject of the filibuster and more to do with the fact that Rand Paul is A: Receiving a lot of support from the conservative movement, and B: Rand Paul had the audacity to challenge this irresponsible use of executive power. So basically they acted like jealous females who got upset because some other girl won the beauty pageant.

The problem with these old dried up weak politicians is that they expect the younger pups to kiss the ring; but it ain’t happenin. Rand Paul’s not about making nice with these old fart clouds and God bless him for not selling out faster than Bryant Gumbel.

Why should we trust that John McCain and his dog Lindsay Graham know best? They’ve been the model for compromising your principles and getting nowhere but the arcade because they get played by Democrats on the regular. They’re useful idiots and they have no shame in how far they’re willing to kiss President Obama’s butt. Go to some exclusive dinner and butter the president up, better yet let him lube you up so after you get son’d it won’t hurt when you sit down.

I’m sorry if I don’t think Rand Paul made a fool of himself the other day but I’ve seen many fools and they all seem to think they aren’t fools. If you want to know why John McCain couldn’t win a presidential election his reaction to Senator Paul’s filibuster might give you insight as to why he’ll always be remembered as a second place finisher who made his entire career off of being a prisoner of war and nothing else. I said it because it’s fact like water being wet is fact.

I’m good homey, I’ll stick with Rand Paul, you can keep Lindsay Graham and his gay southerner accent. Peace



El Fantasma, Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)

I don’t just stand with Rand, I stand on the heads of John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

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