When Arrogance Rules A Nation: Part I on Same Sex Marriage (Part I of III)

You know one of the things I hate most about our political class is the rampant arrogance spreading like a bad case of genital warts from one promiscuous lot to another. I mean, I really can’t stand these suit and tie talking heads who for some of them have forgotten what it’s like to have a real job with real responsibilities and a real sense of accomplishment through hard work. For the others, this arrogant stench flowing from their mouths like the heavy smell of Scotch after a long round at some Beltway cocktail get together.

They’re constantly telling us what we should accept because according to them the debate is over on this and the debate is over on that. Specifically on same sex marriage Matthew Dowd over at ABC said this issue is over and that history is but an Amtrak bullet headed toward the station, and the GOP ought to reconsider standing in front of it. Excuse me, but last time I checked myself and plenty of other real Christians, and true to principle social conservatives still oppose this idea that somehow the sinner elite in this country can set as new doctrine one that corrupts the age old doctrine of the most high God. That God’s creed so sacred and blessed as he sought to unify himself with his creation called man and woman, that somehow such a divine principle is no longer above contortion.

On the issue of guns, they’ve decided the debate is over, this time is different so let’s pass as many laws and measures that threatened the 2nd Amendment as possible, millions of legal gun owners be darned. Now, I support the right to bear arms, and while I completely grasp the difference between an automatic rifle and a rocket launcher, I also understand the fundamental concepts of free will. You simply cannot regulate free will to the point where the federal body in perfection, dictates the motives of man. One could only assume federal powers that be have access to crystal balls and other tools of the psychic world, but they do not. You cannot determine what a man does before he does it.

Meanwhile you have a young man who stabbed his mother to death, cut her body up and had the audacity to hold her severed head as a prop in a photo he took of himself. And do you know why he killed his mother? He killed his mother because she told him to grow up, get a job, and move out her apartment. This is the end result of a nation ruled by people who only pretend to pretend to know the concepts of moral living within a civil society.

We give the citizens just enough to have them hooked, we shift their mindset inch by inch, we divide them based on skin color, economic standing, religious beliefs, and we plant seeds of discontent and they grow into plants of grievance and jealousy.

I don’t want to hear that the debate is over because I don’t agree with what these clowns are trying to impose on me and my family. If I don’t support two stank dirty men getting married, or two women getting married I’m not going to just sit down and say “Oh well, history isn’t on my side anymore, oh well, this issue is done I might as well just give in” n*gga please you must be crazy.

Now I’m not suggesting that I can automatically flip people to agree with my views but at the same time to say social conservatives should just accept things they don’t support is nonsense. I accept one thing only: That God gave his only son for the sins of the human race and for my sins, therefore I accept his son as my Lord and Savior, and that no other way into the kingdom of heaven is granted but through the Son of Man Jesus Christ.

That’s the only truth at this point in my young life that I’m willing to promote and to accept. Homosexuality has no truth in it. Distorting God’s union between man and woman see, you know it’s wrong when you have to infect something and distort it in order to make it suitable for your own lifestyle. Heterosexual couples had marriage and gay people came along and said “you know what, we want what they have.” Why do you think they want to change the definition of marriage as badly as they seem to want to do? Its because God is the author of marriage and they hate God. If God wasn’t involved they wouldn’t bother. Think about it, if they’re already doing the opposite of what God says why wouldn’t they try to pervert what God made pure and holy?

This isn’t like people of difference races who at one time weren’t allowed to get married in certain states. Discrimination based on color is immoral, and is valid discrimination, one cannot decide what color they are at the time of birth. You are not born homosexual because it contradicts the origin of God’s blueprint for creation. The bible says God created man in his image (Genesis 1:27), go to the book: “God created man in his own image, male and female he created them.” The book, again in Matthew 19:4, “Haven’t you read he replied, that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female?”

If you want to get upset or object to anything I say don’t bother, express your objections to God because his word is the bible, and it’s the law to which I craft my life, not the laws of immoral men who want to force me to accept their definitions of good and just.

Good was the man who walked this Earth for thirty three years. Just was his presence, good was the fact that he taught us how to pray. Just was his price for the sin of man, good was the news he shared with the flock. No, I don’t know the good you speak of because your so called good and just don’t line up with the word homie.

You know I’ll end on this nugget: What if our federal government were trying to impose same sex marriage on a majority Muslim America as oppose to a majority Christian America? Would the Supreme Court even think twice about taking this issue on? Would gay “rights” supporters attack people coming out of mosques like they attacked people coming out of the churches? I can tell you flat out Prop 8 would be set in stone in a majority Muslim America. President Obama wouldn’t have dared come out in support of gay marriage if 78% of all Americans were self described Muslim.

First of all the Christian president so called, has more respect and would have more respect for the Muslim faith than his own faith; that’s a subject for another time. Second of all, that man ain’t crazy, he knows what they did over there that got Christopher Stephens killed. Imagine the government and the Supreme Court telling millions of Muslims that they have to accept something in direct conflict with their faith, man this country would burn literally overnight.

But Jesus said, “they will hate you because they hated me first.” I mean they really hated Jesus back then. The world, ever since Jesus was old enough to walk and talk coherently and upset the apple cart as they say, the world was like, “Man this guy Jesus, dude is killing the game with all that truth he’s speaking. Nah man we gotta get a handle on him because he’s causing people to think about their lives and actually reconsider the way they live”

They wanna tell you how to live and what you should accept but if you even utter any evidence of moral living the’r faces turn up and twist and contort like they smelled some dook or something foul. Hollywood, politicians, everybody, they want you to live like them but as soon as you say they need to change they start with the f-bomb this, Fascist that, right wing Jesus freak this, and all kind of stuff.

And why do they get so angry, almost on queue? It’s all being convicted.

They know same sex marriage is wrong, they know its against God but for the sake of trying to prove they know better than the most high God they’re going ahead with it regardless. President Obama opposes gay marriage and has from the beginning. But in his case nothing speaks louder than money and votes.



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