Democrats Support Violence Against Women

According to Andrew Stiles of National Review, the Democrats are crafting yet another “war on women” campaign for the 2014 midterms in hopes of securing their majority in the Senate and retaking the House after the Tea Party handled business three years ago. Stiles points out that Democrats will use GOP opposition to VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) as a political night stick, beating Republican candidates about the head and face like the LAPD and Rodney King.

“Can’t we all just get along?” But Democrats fail to realize that they support violence against women, not their GOP opponents. It’s the Democrat Party seeking to disarm women in America by taking away their right to protect themselves with a gun. Instead the so called party of women want said women to take a dump like trucks on their would be attacker.

If that doesn’t work they want women to go Exorcist on em and upchuck yesterday’s meal; hopefully grossing out the psychopath to the point where rape and brutal murder is the last thing on his mind.

If the Republicans are smart they would flip the script on the Democrats by attaching their support for women everywhere to have access to firearms to their opposition to VAWA. They could make their intentions known, as such: “We Republicans will oppose the Violence Against Women Act unless our friends on the other side of the isle support a measure which not only protects and supports gun ownership among women, but one that mandates training for women who want to own a handgun or an AR-15.”

If they can make Democrats choose between their irrational and arrogant hatred for guns and the 2nd Amendment, and their pseudo-concern for women in this country, it could once and for all force the hands of liberals and Democrats who have overstepped their bounds when it comes to playing politics with crisis and the safety of women.

Violence against women is something I take personal because I grew up with two sisters and a mother; when my dad died in 2002 it was just us and my older brother.

If Democrats want to argue on the merits against gun ownership among women that’s a debate I would hope Republicans and conservatives welcome with open arms. How can you effectively argue against a young single woman living by herself being able to use a gun as a deterrent against a would be rapist?

How can Democrats effectively argue against the idea of women feeling more independent and less dependent on a man because they have a gun, when Democrats are usually the ones who promote the “modern woman”? You know, the modern woman who is single, on birth control, and doesn’t need a man to define who she is? Yet, when it comes to guns they suddenly want these same modern women to run and find a big strong man to protect them.

I can’t believe, or at least I try not to believe that their opposition to gun rights is so strident and so deep that they would accept a more vulnerable circumstance for women if it means not one gun is purchased in this country. Folks, that is the height of everything we know to be irrational and completely unstable.

What they’re trying to do is cover their butts by pushing this VAWA thing. To say, “Look we care about women because we want to pass the Violence Against Women Act while Republicans opposed it.”

Look I support VAWA but it’s not enough. So, a guy busts into your house if you’re a woman, he’s about to violate you in ways you couldn’t imagine and then you say “Wait, before you rape me Congress just passed the Violence Against Women Act so you better think twice” You think he’s going to stop and be like, “Oh shoot really? Yeah I better not then, I apologize for breaking your front door.”

Get real. 



El Fantasma, Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)



“The Americans did not, invent the word machismo

It ain’t our word. They didn’t invent mano e mano, it ain’t our word.

And then somebody comes out of, Latin America who embodies these.

You know how big a hero he’s going to be. That’s Roberto Duran”