Ashley Judd Nation

“just my imagination

once again, runnin away with me

tell you it was just my imagination

runnin away with me”


Sadly, the prospects of Ashley Judd up and deciding to run for the Senate in Kentucky are neither figments of my imagination or a bad case of gas, but an all too possible reality. But as the title states, when stupid people are allowed to vote, votes are allowed to be cast by stupid people. For, only a stupid person would vote for Ashley Judd for anything much less United States Senator. Just as stupid people in Minnesota voted for Stuart Smalley err I mean Al Franken. “As I hang my head in shame of my countrymen” yes, that bests describes the way in which I increasingly feel whenever I hear the news that some new figure seeks to make a mockery of our political system because they have nothing better to do than stroke their own egos.

Ashley Judd is a beautiful woman, I’m not sure how many movies she’s been in but I know she was in Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman and she played Val Kilmer’s wife in Heat. Other than that she’s kind of existed in Hollywood for many years. She’s a member of a famous family, she had it out for Sarah Palin a few years back, and she’s one of President Obama’s Hollywood groupies.

Yet, I believe she would beat Mitch McConnell in a general election. He might have the experience, the knowledge of the issues facing the country, the legislative record, but she has Hollywood money, she’s attractive, she’s a woman, and according to people close to the matter, Kentucky folks don’t like Mitch McConnell. And even though stupid people are too stupid to think clearly, they ain’t too stupid to hate other people and use that hate to guide how they would vote for or against someone.

Problem is Mitch McConnell got too comfortable in Washington at the expense of Kentuckians. His disconnect issue is one that plagues the GOP in Washington, unlike the strong Republican Party within the states. While Republican governorships increase and GOP membership in the state house continues on an upward trend, the Washington based GOP is behind the eight ball in a big way.

But the possible political aspirations of Ashley Judd, coupled with the fact that she could very well best an established serious operator like Mitch McConnell despite having no serious grasp on issues that would rival the Senate Minority Leader, is but a commentary on how low the standards remain for the folks seeking political office.

For Pete’s sake Stuart Smalley got elected, not to mention the Terminator aka Dutch from the original Predator movie aka John Kimble from Kindergarten Cop aka The Last Action Hero aka Hercules in New York, aka John Matrix from Commando. Sometimes it works, in the case of Ronald Reagan obviously he’s the best example of an actor turned politician who not only made a successful transition but what Reagan did not only as president but as the leader and voice of an entire movement will never be duplicated by any Hollywood actor much less any conservative.

People talk about George Clooney, man Clooney is so overrated in every area of his life it’s not even funny. He can’t act, and he almost destroyed the Batman franchise.

If you every wonder why we continue to see America’s institutions slide further into the toilet you need not look further than the American people. Our standards as voters have literally become the logic of a child. We don’t vote for the big meanie we vote for the nice person who gives us goodies.

It’s like we’re soning ourselves while the politicians we vote for son us on the daily. They know we’re stupid and they laugh all the way to the bank while we continue to vote them into office time and time again. Celebrity+low standards+low IQ+low self worth+idol worship+mainstream media complex+political system=the current “celebritic” cess pool we’ve created where the more we feel star struck by a candidate the more we want to vote for them.

I used to get offended by the use of the label “Stupid American” but I don’t think I can get mad anymore because this country is now occupied by the profoundly stupid.

And at the end of the day I don’t hold anything against Ashley Judd because even she knows the game. She knows it won’t take much to flip voters in Kentucky to believing what their own eyes are trying to rebuke. She knows all it takes is a wink and a smile combined with a lie and she’s in there like swim wear.

I figured out it’s not so much about demographics that could doom the GOP but how these groups of new voters think. There’s a difference between young voters who think for themselves and young voters who engage in groupthink or are told what to think. Same goes for black people, brown people, single young women, and the poor.

We’re all Kentucky voters now.


“If you vote stupid you get stupid, so make sure you prepare for some stupid stuff going down. Cause, after all you voted that way, stupid.”



El Fantasma, Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)


“por que hay que hacer esas denuncias? Derrote usted y lo volvere a hacer”