When "Experts" Run the Country

What you’re seeing today in America, the economic, political, and social erosion slowly but surely turning our once great nation into a hotbed of low information voters, low expectation citizens, and self congratulating power hungry political control freaks, this is the end result of having people in places of power who act like they know how to do their job but really don’t.

It’s like hiring a plumber on Craigslist only to find out you just contacted a convicted felon and paid him a thousand bucks to fix your toilet, only to have him take the money and leave you standing waist deep in feces. Experts like the twenty something year olds who were suppose to fix your computer six months ago.

When it comes to how the country is being run via the nation’s capital, we’ve had far too many people who know nothing about anything parade around with their chests puffed out like they know everything about anything. From guns to economics, these sheltered elites who never held a 9-5 job or operated a cash register somehow have this infinite “know-how” when it comes to things that directly affect you and me; go figure huh?

Suddenly these non gun users know more about guns than actual gun owners. Lawyers know more about economics than the business men and women who create real jobs. Non-religious lawmakers suddenly know more about the religious views of faithful Americans. The department of HHS knows what’s best for Catholics regarding their faith better than the Catholics know what’s best for their faith, try to wrap that around your brain.

The media is no different. Suddenly everyone in the media is an expert on the issues that concern most Americans. CNN has become the foremost authority on guns, because you know Piers Morgan has never actually fired a gun, never owned a gun, yet he knows more about guns than Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre combined.

Our very president, having never held a minimum wage job, having never been in charge of employees, having never had to meet payroll or balance a company budget, suddenly knows more about job creation to the point where he no longer needs the very jobs panel he created.

This is what happens when we allow people who never walked a mile in our shoes, who never had real world experiences obtain power and ability to craft laws based on their own bubble mentality. American politicians in 2013 write laws and implement measures based on what they assume is best for the rest of us based on how it might affect their lives. Problem is they lead completely different lives and deal in completely unrealistic scenarios opposite of the folks living in fly over nation.

I’m not saying lawyers or those who never worked inside a corporate office shouldn’t be able to hold political office, I’m saying lately those same lawyers and those same individuals who never set foot inside the corporate office of any major company have gone out of their way to prove they’re anything but experts when it comes to the challenges we face as a nation.

Simply put, if you want to destroy your country leave it to the experts.



El Fantasma, Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)


“That nickname “Manos de Piedra”, hands of stone, I swear to God every time he hit me it felt like bricks, like stone”