Why Do We Have to Denounce Rush Limbaugh In Order to Win Elections?

I rarely if at all listen to the radio anymore. I used to listen to Mark Levin before I bought an Android phone and started downloading his podcast. I used to listen to my local affiliate for ESPN Radio, but again my Android phone gives me alternative programming. My “regulars” in terms of radio are Ringside Toe2Toe from British sports cable network Sky, Steve Bunce Boxing pod cast from longtime boxing journalist Steve Bunce, I used to listen to Bad Left Hook radio with Scott Christ before the show was discontinued, and I listen to Mark Levin pod casts. Aside from that its Christian rock and rap all day long pretty much. So when people talk about Rush Limbaugh I must admit I’m not a fan per say of the undisputed king of conservative talk radio. It’s not so much that I dislike Rush or that he comes off a bit too divisive for my taste, it’s just I’ve never really been interested in following him and allowing myself to become an avid listener.

I do however know enough about Limbaugh to know that many Republicans within the Beltway world of politics hate his guts. To them he’s what ails the Republican Party, despite the fact that Rush hasn’t actually ever ran for office as a Republican. Is he controversial? Yes, all radio and television personalities are controversial in some ways. But does anyone for a second believe that Rush Limbaugh is more extreme and controversial than Howard Stern? Has anything Rush’s ever said about Sandra Fluke been more controversial and sexist than the kinds of comments Howard Stern has made about women in general for the past 25 years? When I was in the world way back in the day I used to watch the Howard Stern Show on E. If you think his radio show is explicit try watching clips of him when he was on basic cable mind you. Porn stars, lesbians, mentally retarded alcoholics, aspiring adult models, you name it, Howard Stern had every kind of guest imaginable on his show. However, despite the free flowing vulgarity, the explicit nature of each episode, the sexual content, and other highly questionable situations that would offend every living and breathing human being walking the earth, it’s far easier for Howard Stern to have a show on basic cable given what he’s all about, and have that show be accepted than for Rush Limbaugh to ever have his own long running show on basic cable.

However this isn’t about Howard Stern vs Rush Limbaugh, it’s about the idiotic and empty assumption by S.E. Cupp and others who have sat around liberals long enough to have allowed their guard down long enough for liberals to influence the way they think of other conservatives. As is the case with fellow MSNBC “conservative” S.E. Cupp has bought into this false thinking that in order for Republicans to find acceptance and legitimacy in the eyes of the liberal media horde, they must constantly throw fellow conservatives off the political cliff. What Ms. Cupp and her ilk don;t realize is that at the end of the day liberals will never fully accept who they are and what they believe.

They’re kind of like the conservative equivalent to an Uncle Tom you know? It’s like, black folks who deny their own race in order to obtain the approval of white folks who don’t think much of them anyway. It’s counterproductive and does nothing but further divide the party. Which, is basically what Democrats, the left, and the media want when its all said and done. Denouncing Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage or Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin won’t suddenly boost GOP prospects in 2014 or 2016. The RINO pack lead by Jeb Bush and Chris Christie denounce Rush and conservative talk radio all the time, but I would still tap Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat to clean knock either of those two men spark out in a presidential election.

Rush Limbaugh and whether or not you quote “stand up to him” has nothing to do with whether or not you can win an election. You can denounce Rush all day long, what’s that got to do with black folks?What’s that got to do with young black men who can’t find work? Yeah okay, denounce Rush Limbaugh and that will magically give me a message to black folks about the 16% unemployment rate in the black community. Denounce Rush Limbaugh and win the Hispanic vote, yeah right.

Denouncing Rush at this point is such an obvious pander move you might as well act like you’re stretching and put your arm around a voter son.  These people who wanna stand up and act like they have the next big hip thing for Republicans to follow are nothing but a bunch of self proclaimed cool people trying too hard to be cool.

Like I said I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh but if I did I doubt that would affect my campaign chances either way. If my message was on point I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Instead you got these folks all trying to position themselves as the genius when they can’t even put two and two together to make four.

It’s like, “Once we tell Rush Limbaugh to shut up we’ll have a coherent message for new voters” Brotha please, you didn’t have an appealing message when Rush was running his mouth, you think you gonna have one when you finally get him to play the background?

Not only do they risk alienating the very same people who keep the GOP alive as a viable party, but they also risk coming off like elitist arrogant Washington types who long for the approval of their new liberal buddies. I liked S.E. Cupp when she was on Fox News, I don’t like MSNBC S.E. Cupp.

You know money and Super PAC ads won’t win elections. If that were the case Mitt Romney would have been giving the State of the Union address Tuesday night instead of Barack Obama.

Just as you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you can be an electable Republican and still listen to conservative talk radio. Must I prove this theory myself?

I’m a 26 year old video game playing fry cook moonlighting as a college student who does nothing but read the bible, watch boxing, play bass, and I live with my mother. But I guarantee I could dust any poll tested, android candidate backed by establishment money on either side. The difference is I speak real words and have a deep connection with the real world. I have first hand experience dealing with the circumstances many Americans from across the color and economic landscape deal with on a daily basis. So while I may not be as polished or as manufactured, if I were a betting man I bet you I would smash any candidate Karl Rove and the rest of those suit and tie Beltway flunkies push out there. Those folks don’t speak the language of the minorities in Chicago or Saint Louis where I’m from. S.E. Cupp don’t speak for these people, they’re nothing but some wannabes who play the role. I deal with the very groups they’re trying to win over everyday. I speak their language because I’m one of them.

I know what it’s like to have your electricity turned off. I know what’s it’s like to have your gas turned off for two years, taking showers by using water you heated up on a hot plate. I know what its like to have sisters on welfare. You know that powdered milk in that huge can that you get from the government, my sister raised my two nephews on that stuff. I know what’s its like to have people dismiss you like your views don’t matter because they think they know it all.

I know what its like for people to think you aren’t about nothing because you’re 18 years old, black, and your hair is all over your head like Buckwheat from the Little Rascals. These pundits and political lifers in the Republican Party have it all wrong. Carefully crafted talking points and pandering won’t get you the black and brown vote because you don’t have their trust.

Who in their right mind would trust Karl Rove? S.E. Cupp and the rest of these east coast white talking heads don’t have the answers; I don’t care how young and so called hip their try to market themselves.

You have to be trusted if you want to earn someone’s vote.

Democrats lie, Republicans dismiss and when they aren’t dismissing black and brown people they’re pandering to them and in so doing epically failing at it.

This whole thing is like Romney saying “Who let the dogs out” when he took a picture with a group of young black kids when he ran for president the first time around in 2007. First of all, black people don’t like that song. Second of all more white people liked that song than black folks.

That sums of the current GOP: They have no flipping clue.



El Fantasma, Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stones)