If The President Plans on Apologizing During The State of the Union Tomorrow, I'll Tune in For Sure

When Mr. Obama gives his State of the Union speech tomorrow night, all accounts point to a more aggressive tone than the previous during his first term. I guess, to say aggressive this time around would suggest his speeches up until he won reelection have been the total opposite of aggressive, factually questionable, dramatic, exaggerated, and divisive. So when he delivers the State of the Union, which first of all it doesn’t take President Obama giving a speech to tell us what the state of our union is right now. I mean, if you got about a weeks time and money to purchase a bus ticket or if you prefer to use your own car, take a spin around the country and see for yourself…or just read the economic reports starting in 2008.

But if the reports are true and President Obama will surely hike up the aggro meter like he’s hiking up your taxes, then I will likely carry on tradition and opt for something more worthy of my time. Even if I don’t watch television anymore, I’ll either look for a good boxing match to watch on YouTube or play video games.

I mean no disrespect to Mr. Obama because I honor the office and I always pray for the president regardless of whether or not I voted for them, but at some point I just got tired of the same script he’s used since he was inaugurated in 2009.

I think he’ll do the people a great disservice if he uses this platform, no matter how devalued it has become in recent years, to create new enemies and take potshots at current ones. If one is giving an address on the state of the nation in which he is president, why would you poison the water by further dividing and angering the citizens of that nation?

If the pre-SOTU reports said President Obama was planning to use a more apologetic tone in his speech then I would be more inclined to tune in and hear him out. Of course I don’t mean apologetic in terms of his constant apologizing for America when he was abroad. I mean, if he apologizes for the ACA (Affordable Care Act) because the costs of health care are starting to rise even though he said they would decline. If he apologizes for saying he’s cut more taxes for the middle class than any other president in history, which is factually inaccurate to put it politely, then I would watch.

If he apologizes to the parents of Brian Terry, for Fast and Furious, I’ll tune in. He could start the process by firing Eric Holder. If he apologizes to Ambassador Chris Stevens’ wife Heather, and their two children for the attacks in Benghazi that resulted in the death of their father and husband, I would for sure watch the State of the Union speech. If he apologizes to the future generations of America for pulling off the biggest armed heist in our history by the tune of 16 trillion dollars, I’ll watch the speech tomorrow night.

If he apologizes to senior citizens for slowly bleeding Medicare dry through Obamacare, and by not addressing the likelihood that the program will go belly up along with Social Security, I’ll watch the speech. If he apologizes to the 55 million unborn who were victims of a selfish and twisted worldview called abortion, one he radically supported throughout his political career, if he apologizes for that entire generation of Americans never to experience life, I’ll watch the speech. If he denounces that boot strapping Hitlerina Cecile Richards, and her infanticide clinics, I’ll watch the speech tomorrow night.

If he apologizes to the farmers located in California’s Central Valley for what his EPA regulators lead by Lisa Jackson have done to essentially threaten their livelihood, I’ll watch the speech tomorrow night. If he apologizes to the black and brown communities in America for their 16% and 11% unemployment rate, which is higher than the national rate, I’ll watch the speech tomorrow night.

If he apologizes to the once vibrant and emboldened freedom fighters in Iran, who when looking for his words of encouragement and show of support during their battle for liberty against a tyrannical theocratic government, he turned a blind eye and pretended they didn’t exist. Our president will arm unknown rebels in order to take out dictators yet he won’t endorse a nonviolent movement that sought the same so called goal of those same rebels.

Mr. Obama has a lot of things to apologize for. I can go back to before he became president but I’m sure you all have better things to do. My point is, if he’s not going to say anything of value, or sincerity then why waste my time? Better yet, why waste the nation’s time?

He’ll never apologize for killing innocent people in Pakistan when he violated the country’s sovereignty with predator drones. He’ll never apologize to 20 million Americans who are still looking for work. He’ll never apologize for saying he wouldn’t appoint lobbyists in his administration and then doing so during his first term. He’ll never apologize for saying he would honor campaign finance laws and only accept public donations, and when he realized he could cop much more from private and unknown contributors he went against his own pledge. He’ll never apologize for flying off to Vegas moments after vowing not to abandon the victims of Hurricane Sandy. He smiled for the cameras, gave a speech and  was out like a light, off the Sin City.

No, I don’t expect him to apologize for the cost of food going up while the median income in this country goes down. I don’t expect for him to apologize for the price of gas going up. I don’t expect an apology over the fact that 45 million Americans filed for Foodstamps and nearly 40 million additional Americans entered the world of poverty.

For me to expect him to apologize for all those things is like someone expecting me to apologize for the things I’ve done in my life. Except I had to when I confessed of my sins and surrendered my life to Jesus. It’s kind of mandatory for any repenter that they you know, recognize their misdeeds in life and aks for forgive and repent.

But am I arrogant? I don’t think I could ever go back to being so aloof to my own shortcomings that I feel my family, friends, and my heavenly Father aren’t worth my sincere apologies.

Like I said, State of the Union, not worth my time…



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(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)


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