Selective Outrage on Both Sides: On Our War Criminal King Of A President, And Republican Hypocrisy

I remember not too long ago when George Bush was a war criminal accused by the left in America of murdering millions of women and children in Iraq. Not too soon after Mr. Bush left office for Crawford, Texas, President Barack Obama, essentially carried on tradition let’s say. He has been in effect what I’ve long called “the third term of George Bush”. And who woulda thunk it right? A man as liberal as Barack Obama using the full potential of Bush era questionable tactics when it comes to the war on terror, and in so doing performing break dancing moves on the constitution.

The left is in a bad way here because often times they get caught in their own selective tolerance. See George Bush was a war criminal, President Obama is tough on terror. A war criminal is a war criminal when suddenly he’s there war criminal, and now well, eh, he’s not a war criminal. Torre’ from MSNBC’s The Cycle all the sudden turned into this far-right hawk in his defense of this power grab by the Obama administration. I guess when your guy is playing Mafioso, the hits he orders get a pass.

I’ve been consistent throughout: I don’t hate George Bush because I don’t know the man but I believe in my view he was the second worst president to ever occupy the Oval Office. George Bush was straight garbage as a commander in chief but despite his awful policies and his almost feverish destruction of civil liberties, his two terms as president will pale in comparison to Mr. Obama. President Obama is the worst president we’re likely to see in our lifetime. However both presidents have been awful protectors of our liberty when it comes to what their administrations will allow in pursuit of terrorist suspects. The Patriot Act was a very bad idea and still is, violating the sovereignty of Pakistan with American predator drones that have killed thousands of innocent people is all kinds of so much wrong, and using questionable tactics like water boarding…still wrong in my book.

But if the President and I are on the same page when it comes to water boarding then why aren’t we on the same page when it comes to the idea of an American president having at his discretion the right to pick and choose who shall live and who shall die based on a list of names which include American citizens being a dangerous shift in executive powers outlined by the constitution. I doubt the founding fathers would endorse such a play where a sitting president could give the order to ice American citizens just because their name shows up on a hit list.

What happen to due process and habeas corpus? Remember all those liberals who would storm the stage during an Ann Coulter or Condi Rice speech waving a sign that read “Habeas Corpus” Where are those folks? Where’s Code Pink showing up to Military recruitment centers in downtown San Francisco dressed as dead soldiers and…lady parts?

Does all that anti-war foam at the mouth outrage and protest suddenly cease because a Democrat is president? What if President Obama were a complete liberty grabbing, constitution destroying imperial president instead of a kinda sorta all of those things kind of president? With liberals it’s like, it has to happen to them for them to finally get it. You know, it’s like they have to have their freedoms taking away in total before they realize the mess they’ve fostered since January 2009.

And on Republicans the hypocrisy is comical as well. For eight years George Bush operated one of the most constitutionally questionable national security agendas in recent memory, yet most, not all but most Republicans sat back and were quiet as kept. Patriot Act, eavesdropping, reading emails, Gitmo, torture, all these questionable at the very least, tactics that were used by the Bush administration, and only now do Republicans want to call “Imperial BS” on President Obama.

Again I’m not defending the president because I’m of the mind, I could never be president of the United States because I’m too rational for the current climate in which our presidents have to operate. I believe PR is important and domestic drone surveillance, violating the sovereignty of a country oh by the way killing their citizens albeit by accident, isn’t the best PR in my view. I don’t know I just feel funny about predator drones flying over us like commercial airplanes. We already have traffic cameras, must we settle for domestic drone surveillance for dessert?

The whole Torre on the Cycle weirdness caught me by surprise. Dude flipped like he was a member of the Department of Homeland Security during a congressional hearing. He was like, “They tried to kill us, so we have to kill them”.

Call it Bizzaro world or something but liberals have really embraced their inner hawk wouldn’t you say? To be fair there are many liberals speaking out but not nearly enough in the mainstream media.

They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. President Obama has been granted a bridge that will lead to a place we might not want to go as a nation. Just keep in mind, the president has a hit list, so next time Rush Limbaugh or Fox News wants to step out of line they better consider the possibility that…nah he wouldn’t, would he?

I can just imagine President Obama using his hit list in case one of his cabinet members gets out of line during a briefing:

Cabinet Member:” Mr. President with all due respect, I just think that’s the wrong approach”

President Obama: “I didn’t ask you what you thought fool. Look straight up, see this list my dude? I gotta hit list god, don’t test me man.”

Cabinet Member: “Mr. President I–“

President Obama: “Nah, kill that noise god, don’t play with me dog”

President Obama: (holds up list) “You can get it easy homey, trust me, next time you jump stupid I’m goin in ya mouth”

President Obama: (Still holding up list, and with a cockeyed look) “You ain’t bout dis life”



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