Cynthia McFadden Compares Hillary Clinton to Thomas Jefferson....Which In Turn Causes TomJeffersonsGhost To Respond On His Behalf

Mrs. Clinton I supported you in 2007 during the Democratic Primary. At that time I was a former loyalist Democrat fast shifting from my socialist views to a more reasonable outlook on life, money, and how reality works. I supported you that year because of your husband. I wasn’t as strident in my view of how overrated he was at the time because in weighing the options between an inexperienced Senator from Illinois name Barack Obama and someone who had been around for a good minute, although mostly riding the wave of her spouse’s rocky years as president; I opted for the latter ya see.

The way I saw it, you wouldn’t have been as bad as Mr. Obama because at least you were moderate, or more moderate than he was. Time passed, you got dusted by Barack Obama and despite a late primary season surge, your resilience (some call it denial?), and renewed optimism among your supporters, ultimately the party bosses decided you needed to get on somewhere, so they made you get out the race and gave the nomination to Barack Obama.

I must admit the underhanded back room okie doke was messed up, they basically threw you to the wolves in order to get Mr. Obama to the finish line; and I don’t think they ever apologized for freezing you and your supporters out like they did.

As a get in line prize you were made Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Now, according to the media you’re the greatest Secretary of State in the history of like, so much evernessness. Benghazi? What Benghazi, Who Benghazi?

Are you overrated? Now that I look at things from a non Hillary supporter point of view, yes I can say that you are among the most overrated American political figures in history. But if it makes you feel better your husband is the most overrated political figure to ever walk the Earth. That man is the political equivalent to a system quarterback that there’s ever been. He’s Barry Switzer, Steve Young, and every University of Florida quarterback to ever play during the Steve Spurrier era combined.

You’re not quite there in terms of how overrated you are, but you’re getting close. You need to go ahead and thank Rick Lazio already by the way.

I ain’t impressed I’m sorry but I’m just not impressed. I don’t understand the nature of this so called threat of you running in 2016. What will you run on? Hillarycare? That was defeated and if you wanted to run on health care Obamacare knocked that platform out like teeth to hockey players. You could run on the economy but whose? Certainly not your economic record which would consist of your husband’s, and certainly not President Obama’s because his economic record is hot gabbage, not garbage, but much worse, gabbage.

You could run on foreign policy and leadership but President Obama already squeezed the juice out of Bin Laden’s death and Benghazi well, “What difference does it make?”

So what exactly will you run on in 2016? I suppose you could run on history, being the first potential woman to be elected president of the United States. And I wouldn’t put it past the alarming number of uninformed drooling mass puppets to vote based on that alone.

I just don’t know why you have Republicans so shook is all. If I were of age (I’ll be 29 in four years) and I had a stomach for national politics and campaigning, I would throw my hat in the race and I believe I could do the business against you. I know, who do I think I am that’s Hillary Clinton I’m referring to but, yeah I just don’t see what’s making so many Republican hopefuls fill their trousers with urine as they quiver with fear.

Oh right the Thomas Jefferson thing: Yeah, with all due respect Madam Secretary, you couldn’t touch Thomas Jefferson with Stretch Armstrong’s hand.



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