So Now It's Sexist for Wanting Women to Own A Gun...Even If It's A Woman Advocating For Women To Own A Gun

Alex Wagner on tweeted that Gail Trotter’s testimony during the hearing on gun violence was sexist, no breathtakingly sexist because of her advocating for women to own guns. At which time, upon my reading the tweet, I had to unfollow her. It was difficult I must admit because she’s on my top twenty most attractive list, alongside Mila Kunis, Zoe Kravitz, among many others. Not a sexist list, but a recognition of the obvious: These women don’t look bad in any definition of the word.

But sometimes being attractive can’t excuse one’s serial comments that render the reader, or viewer a couple IQ points below mental retardation. Again, her liberal views are sincere, but sincere doesn’t mean educated or well thought out.

And to the title point: So now it’s sexist for wanting women to have the choice of owning a gun? What if a woman wanted another woman to own a gun? Apparently so.

What’s wrong with women owning a gun? That’s the question I want to ask liberals. Also, what’s wrong with women feeling safe when they’re home alone or with their children alone during the evening. I know, some of our liberal friends talk about calling 9-11, which is a genuine yet dangerously naive response to the general scenario of home invasions or attempted rape. Not every 9-11 call ends in a potentially deadly home invasion or would be attack being thwarted by the police. Sometimes, go figure, but sometimes the police don’t make it out there in time enough to stop the bad guys. Sometimes you have to make a hard choice between life or death: Your life or his, your death, or his.

Women should absolutely have the freedom to choose whether or not they should purchase a firearm. Single women especially benefit because again, they spend a majority of their time at home alone. Can you imagine how many brutal rape crimes could have been prevented if the woman in the situation had a firearm nearby?

What would have happened to Melinda Herman in Georgia had she not been able to use a gun to protect herself and her two nine year old twins when a home invader found them hiding in a crawlspace? Tragically Mrs. Herman and her kids wouldn’t be alive today.

Dallas 2012, a 22 year old woman was confronted by two men who kicked her front door down. She shot at them and they ran off. According to that story one of the intruders shot hit and later died at the hospital. The woman’s father said he places a gun on her pillow before he leaves because she works at night and sleeps during the day. Imagine if that gun weren’t there; she might not be here.

There are countless numbers of stories where women are confronted by danger and they use a gun to protect themselves.

Once again there’s an argument: Well, what about something around the house like a knife or a hammer, or even an alarm for the neighbors to hear?

Okay, how long do you think it’ll take for someone who breaks into your home to rape, strangle, and brutalize your body before you can cut them up with a butcher’s knife in the kitchen? That is, assuming the man, you know because men are physically stronger than women, doesn’t wrestle the knife or hammer out of that woman’s hand first.

Guns are a proven deterrent when it comes to someone barging into your home seeking to do you or your loved ones harm. You may not hit the person, you may not even kill them if you do hit them with a bullet, but I guarantee that home invader will think twice before he comes back. And if he does come back, he probably won’t make it to the sidewalk before he’s lit up with gunfire.

Once again the sheltered Manhattan types who never reap the consequence of the same laws and measures they want to impose on the rest of us open their mouths without knowing the facts.

The problem with being a bubble elitist is that you don’t have the real world experience that most Americans living outside both coasts have. At which point, you should probably keep quiet.



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