Owning An Assault Weapon: A Very Feminist Thing To Do

Have I entered full blown Romneyism? Did I just flip more times than the characters in those bad ninja films from the 1980s? Something has to explain my going from reconsideration over assault weapons to being completely in favor of not only protecting such weapons from an outright ban, but promoting the widespread use of these so called “weapons of mass destruction”. Of course a homemade bomb made with propane and fertilizer is a weapon of mass destruction when used to kill large numbers of people; however where is the panel of farmers and propane salesmen organized by the vice president? Quick someone call Hank Hill!

Question: What’s more fitting as a symbol of women’s independence, the right to an abortion or the right to make Swiss cheese out of a would be rapist or two, or three or four?

The story of a woman in Georgia who shot a home invader five times with a .38 revolver after he found her and her nine year old twins hiding in a crawlspace speaks volumes in my opinion. You would think our society would hail such departures from the typical tragic ending in which a woman is mercilessly raped and strangled or stabbed by some man during the night while she was home alone. I for one am tired of hearing about a mother of two or a single woman in her early 20s brutalized and no one able to hear her screams.

The story about Melinda Herman in Georgia is the stuff Lifetime movies are made of. “A mother of two hiding in a crawlspace from a bloodthirsty intruder decides it’s time she takes matters into her own hands” Crawlspace Justice: The Melinda Herman Story

I like how our culture thinks: It’s liberating for women to bang guys on film for the pleasure of other guys who watch on the computer, and porn stars say “I’m a feminist because I’m in control of my body and I’m using my sexuality to control men”, and yet feminists can’t seem to get behind the idea of women protecting themselves without the help of a male. You have all these actresses in Hollywood who call themselves feminist but all they do is get on screen and spread their legs, they willingly offer themselves up as sacrificial sex objects but God forbid we have folks like the Gun Girls debating Piers Morgan, see those two right wing Barbie dolls are a bunch of gun toting bimbos.

Call me crazy, I appreciate women who want to defend themselves against someone who would do them harm. Having a woman at home alone as a sitting duck for a serial rapist or home invader doesn’t sit right with me. If we’re going to have single mothers or single women in general in our society the least these so called “Women’s rights” groups can do is support the idea of these women having the burner handy just for safe measure. At least then they might have a chance.

When I’m married, and by some chance my wife decided not to work at some point during our marriage and she’s at home alone during the day, I know I would want her to be carrying steel. Cause let me tell you if it’s between my wife and some dude kicking down my front door looking for jewelry on the nightstand, I’m telling my wife to aim for the head, neck, and nether region. And I’m out.


El Fantasma, Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)