On Tyrannical Governments and Why the Left Mocks the Very Idea of Such Ever Happening In America

When Ben Shapiro debated Piers Morgan on the issue of guns and the 2nd Amendment, along with treating the US constitution as a some sort of formality that could be dismissed and ignored in the name of “modern society”, Piers also mocked and scoffed at the very core component behind our right to bear arms: the prospect of a tyrannical government that would take shape in America and in so doing threaten the rights of individuals.

I’m not surprised Piers Morgan mocked this very real scenario, after all he’s from Great Britain. Those of you who love American and world history like I do have learned in detail the time lines riddled with periods and blips in which tyrannies have been established in parts of the world.

What makes America immune to tyranny? What makes American leaders so much more honest and virtuous than their European counterparts, as to reject the allure of power? Haven’t we heard  presidents past and president present say that federal power must expand in the name of a “common good” or in the case of President Obama’s second inaugural speech: “collectivism”.

How many violations of the constitution much take place before we fully accept the very real potential that one day our government could in fact rule our lives in absolute.

But of course for the liberal why would they fear what they support? They have a blind allegiance to government that has convinced them that federal expansion could never turn against the people because those who control the machine have given their word. But when has man’s word ever been as concrete in its promise as that of his creator? The bible says God is not a man that he should lie, so why is man not God that he should lie?

The liberal’s belief in government is rooted in their belief in man. Their god serves only eight years at the maximum, though his programs and agenda are everlasting, and their heaven is a utopia under construction; halted only by the founding documents.

But as we go deeper into the Obama years that line of defense called the constitution is becoming weaker. Soon it will hold no relevant objection to policies and politicians who violate its creed. At which time, as the very essence of the 2nd Amendment states: The last line of defense against a government in full contempt of the constitution will be the people and their guns.

Our liberals friend ought whisper to the spirits of old Europe for a lesson in well intentioned tyranny. The bible says the road to hell is paved with good intentions. First comes the idea, then the take over, then comes the promise to the people, then the narrative takes shape, and at long last the tyranny is established. Every dictator at some point had very well meaning motives to what drove them further into evil. Power is something that twists the rationale of flawed creatures; it is Satan’s most effective narcotic. That is why we trust a living God and not living men. For if men were able to have power without appeasing its seductive spell, there would be no need for term limits, divided government of which there are three branches, or most importantly the founding fathers would have never established the idea behind the right to bear arms being the right for citizens to protect themselves against their government. A government which Thomas Paine called a necessary evil in its best state, and in its worse an intolerable one.


El Fantasma Estudiante de Manos de Piedra

(The Ghost: Student of Hands of Stone)