I'll Give You My Guns, If You Close Down Your Abortion Clinics

Okay, I’ll cut you a deal: I’ll give my right to bear arms if you shut down the abortion clinics and overturn Roe V. Wade; deal? No?

Okay, how about you reduce the number of abortion from 55 million to 0, and I’ll try and help reduce the number of gun related homicides from around 11 thousand to 0…fair trade? Still no?

Okay, here’s my final offer: How about we repeal the 2nd Amendment and our right to practice our religious freedom and you refrain from performing one abortion for a week. Still no deal?

I want liberals to meet me half way on this one. I want every abortion clinic shutdown for good and I would seriously stand with you on the total repeal of the 2nd Amendment. I figure it’s a more than fair and equal trade considering a gun and abortion clinics cause more death and tragedy than any forms of destruction the world has ever known. Or so we’re told about the gun: They do in fact kill people, though a police officer is less likely to kill innocent bystanders than say a troubled youth on a suicide mission.

May I ask: Is an abortion clinic more likely to conduct fifty abortions in one day every year than a shooter is to kill fifty people in one day every year?

How many more abortions take place than mass shootings in a year alone?

If I’m making you nervous don’t be, here have some water and relax…

I just want to understand you is all, we’re all friend here.

Senator Feinstein wants to slowly dry up the supply of weapons in America. But can we also dry up the number of abortion clinics in America also? Millions of guns, thousands of clinics, millions of abortions, that millions of death too many.

I hate death in any form, by gun or Dr. Frankenstein. 20 kids in Newtown, Connecticut met 55 million babies in heaven, it’s a lose-lose wash in my book.

I thought liberals were for peace and love, not violence. I’m beginning to suspect that perhaps I’ve been lied to.

Take my gun, and my high capacity magazine, and my right to bear arms. Just put my weapon next to an abortion clinic. Just sit the gun on the ground in a Planned Parenthood parking lot. Wait, just stand there for a minute. I want you to tell if who commits murder first, the gun or the folks working in that clinic.

Isn’t Cecile Richards the female Wayne LaPierre? Or Wayne LaPierre’s the female Cecile Richards, something like that.

This is how you can tell the left wants to get rid of the 2nd Amendment:

Mike the Liberal: Guns are bad, we need to decrease gun violence, it’s very high

Reasonable Ross: True, but what about violence in general?

Mike the Liberal: Yeah yeah, but gun violence is especially bad

Reasonable Ross: Why?

Mike the Liberal: Cause guns are everywhere man

Reasonable Ross: So if we take away all the guns, and we still have violent crimes what then?

Mike the Liberal: Well, we all know we can’t stop violence altogether, there are no silver bullets for that.

Reasonable Ross: Did you know there are more abortions taking place in this country than mass shootings?

Mike the Liberal: ….But guns

Reasonable Ross: What?

Mike the Liberal: Racist!




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