Little Voices in Heaven: To the Unborn Many, A Letter From The Ghost

This is dedicated to the 55 million lives lost before they ever began. Rest easy in the arms of your Father in heaven for he has found you. My name is Matt, also known as TomJeffersonsGhost, also known as Estudiante De Manos De Piedra, also known as El Fantasma. I’m writing you on this day after the anniversary of Roe. V Wade, a decision in which changed the course of your existence forever. Because of Roe V. Wade you and possibly millions of others just like you will never know what it’s like to live life to the fullest. To marry your sweetheart, to get that dream job, or build that dream house, and to hold precious children of your own in your arms. I can imagine there must be quite a few potential soldiers, doctors, lawyers, pastors, nurses, teachers, and builders among you.

I apologize for our society in how little they value life. I would venture to guess that it would be hard for them to murder their own children while they sleep, to shrug it off as if it were on the same footing as mailing a letter, or going to the grocery store; that is, an everyday part of daily life. But even after your gone I ask: What about your life? Things in this world aren’t fair, we don’t always find answers to the questions we have; but this seems unjust.

I can’t help but to put you in the same lot as little children in Africa who have fallen victim to the genocidal appetite of a two bit dictator. What’s the difference between Cecile Richards and Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan? Maybe a question you’re too young to answer, but one I’d like the answer to from someone.

I suppose I take comfort of sorts in the fact that you never knew the face of your destroyer, nor the face of the mother unwilling to recognize your existence as anything but a burden on her own. For you and the others yet to come will be secure and in everlasting love and peace with the Lord your God. As much as it pains me to know that nearly a generation of young lives were wiped off the face of memory, at least I take solace in this scripture:

(Matthew 19:14)- Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”

On a clear blue day as this, though it may be cold outside I’ll look up and maybe see some of your faces smiling down, your innocence has not been in vain.

Maybe Carol Platt Leibau is right, and that we should pray for all parties involved in abortion, but I can’t help but to feel a bias for the child, who unlike the mother had no voice, had no choice or say in the matter. If being pro-choice means granting women a choice but thereby taking away the choice of the child to live, I believe in my heart such a false choice isn’t something I could ever support.

I have to go now but if it’s any kind of peace in your hearts for me to say this, then I will: Rest easy knowing that heaven is a much better place than the world in which you’ll never know. This culture of violence, empathy, cruelty, selfishness, materialism, sexual wickedness, and corruption have come to define a world in which no child born or unborn ought to witness. Honestly, in its own tragic way abortion saved you from such evil on this Earth. I guess God works to fit his will through the evil agenda of others. As to say, “Though you may kill my children, I will set aside a place for them with me in my kingdom. One in which you destroyers of innocent life shall not inherit”

God bless the 55, I’ll see you one day, until then…


Matt, aka The Ghost