The Mass Parade

At which is the case, one must conclude a dictatorship, perhaps a form of idolatry has been created by a horde, 700,000 strong who came to see the man who for the past four years authored their eventual demise and slow erosion into mediocrity and depression. Those who voted for Mr. Obama, despite the lash, have fallen in love with their slave master.

Am I the only independent mind who feels a series of concerts celebrating any president, capped off with this sort of pseudo-religious, cult like confirmation seems a bit too much? I understand inaugural addresses are important, but was it necessary, is it necessary to have the other stuff usher in the speech and swearing in itself?

By the way, Usher and Katie Perry perform at a kid’s inauguration concert that honors President Obama’s daughters. First off, Katie Perry and Usher are adult oriented artists because they sing about material geared toward adults having to do with things adults do…like sex and alcohol. Secondly, yeah the whole honoring the president’s daughters….yeah that’s not good either.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an attack on the Obama family, but simply an observation of the obvious glorification of the Obama family. You could make an argument that at the very least President Obama is the closest thing we’ve had to a king in this country, and at most the closest thing we’ve had to a dictator.

Of those 700,000 in the mass parade, how many of those 700,000 do you think are unemployed, in debt, or on welfare? How many of those 700,000 make up the 7.8% of unemployed Americans? Again, I get the idol worship, especially among those who have no other god but a man they’ve crafted from gold. And yes this god is different because he fulfills hopes and dreams, makes them feel better about themselves, and cares about them. Except, this god, or I should say their god has done none of the above since he’s been in office.

Is this a time for celebration or another excuse to bury denial and reality beneath a few days worth of party and rejoicing in an all too fake “Lord and Savior”?

Pant, chant, altogether now” “Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama”

The unprecedented marriage between Mr. Obama and Hollywood, the creepy theatrics, the use of Martin Luther King’s bible for the swearing in ceremony; America has become one big Hollywood movie set. And we’re nothing but extras in this big budget box office bomb.

TomJeffersonsghost gives this film two thumbs down.