A Christian's View on Guns

Many here know me for my wit, my boy like charm, my awesomeness, and my Christianity and faith in Jesus Christ. But I’ve also shared some of my views on the 2nd Amendment in relation to the tragic string of mass shootings that have taken place in this country. Perhaps my emotional strings were pulled of sorts, a few hours after the full details were coming out in regards to the Sandy Hook shooting, and not a minute later I expressed a rather flawed view in response, saying that we conservatives ought to look inward and begin a process of rethinking our often bullheaded support and some would say blind allegiance to the 2nd Amendment which gives all men the right to bear arms. As a Christian I ask myself: Do I fundamentally believe in the idea of American citizens having an unlimited array of firearms to choose from provided they pass background checks? Well, I answer like this: I’ve never understood the reason why someone would own an AK-47 assault rifle or an AR-15; even if I support the foundational meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

The same view is shared when it comes to wealth. I can’t find anything to do in my life that’s worth millions and billions of dollars, however I support and defend someone’s right to get rich in this world. As a Christian my heart tells me to support an outright ban of all firearms, but my head reminds me of God’s bounty to his creation which gave them the right to love their heavenly father by choice, or to deny him. Freewill is something man has both preserved and taken for granted.

Our freewill has led our culture and society to fall from it’s starting point. One cannot legislate evil if one is openly supportive of evil’s many forms. It’s one thing for the left to try and control violence through gun control legislation and however at the same time ignoring the evil which was brought about my Hollywood, the music industry, and the adult film industry.

How can a man be moral and immoral at the same time? How can one be against violence yet have the blood of thousands on their fingertips? Why is it so readily accepted that an access to machine guns and not an access to pornography does more harm to our social and cultural makeup? We dare not seek the type of overreach on the right to protect how we express ourselves and how we develop content through media, music, film, and the stroke of the pen; yet we rush to dictate the meaning of the 2nd Amendment which is married to the same constitution as the 1st Amendment.

Can  a gun speak? Or does it have a master? The bible says “life and death is in the power of the tongue”(Proverbs 18:1) and that “by our words we are known” (Matthew 12:37), therefore what evidence is there that words aren’t as harmful or more harmful than a gun? Words have killed more people throughout the fabrics of history than the gun. Did a gun give the command to kill millions in Nazi Germany? What weapon condemned the children of Israel to slavery, as oppose to the commands of a Pharaoh who proclaimed that Israel belong to him.

The rod of Moses was but an example of God’s power and wonder, but was it not the word of God that freed Israel and humbled the heart of Egypt? Words spoke this world into existence. We can take away guns but who will take away the right to speak words? Who will regulate in such a manner as proposed by Mr. Obama and his administration the freedom of expression and speech?

What words were said to Adam Lanza, and the other mass shooters who decided it’s better to destroy life and promote life? What words are spoken by the culture these days? Curse words, sexually explicit words, lyrics that promote violence, misery, rebellion, materialism, misogyny, anti-Christ behavior; those words have more of a destructive effect on American culture than an AR-15.

My view as a Christian is simple really: In an ideal world we can ban all guns and these tragedies would cease to exist thereafter. But unfortunately in a world such as the one we’re living, where the age is passing away and the hour is surely at hand for the return of the Lord, we cannot govern our way to peace and paradise, for the 1,000 years of peace outlined in the Holy Bible is promised through the promise of Christ’s return. Until then, well intentioned as it may be, and readily doable as it is, gun control on a comprehensive level will never draw Satan’s evil spirit into quicksand.

But a closer look at how we treat each other might be the cure to what ails us. I don’t own an assault weapon but I doubt many on the left who are pushing a ban own one. It’s all in how realistically you see the world. Liberals tragically see consequence as an unreasonable sentence akin to capital punishment for shoplifting, and personal responsibility like parents telling their child to make their bed and the child acting as if he or she were being forced into slave labor. Unfortunately liberals do not understand the concept of taking into account one’s own actions and the direct effect it has on those around them. They tend to live life as it were, a series of compulsive actions, like food cravings that lead to gluttony or a sip of wine leading to full blown alcoholism. They never seem to weigh the dangers of a lack of structure in their lives.

So when mass shootings occur the immediate reaction is to punish the gun, as if it were a living breathing creation. They also conveniently dismiss the idea that culture has more influence over a person than the access of firearms. The access of matches are widely accepted in society, but what’s to stop someone from suddenly going off on a string of arson related mayhem? Or setting themselves on fire? We have access to knives, but who’s to say someone can’t tear through a school with a knife and cut people up? That did happen in China and of course the widely circulated liberal response was: “But those children lived” So now we’re reduced to excusing violence based on life and death? Is violence now acceptable as long as lives aren’t lost during the act?

Violence is violence, there’s no acceptable violence or reasonable account comes to violence. Tragedy is very much apart of that knife attack in China as it is in Sandy Hook; 20 dead children or no 20 dead children. Liberals use standards based on situational living. As a Christian I have standards based on my foundation which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. His birth, life, persecution, crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and his eventual return is how I structure my lifestyle and what I consider proper standards. Liberals go by feelings, as in however they feel on a given day that’s how they shape their standards; if they have any at all to be honest.

So I encourage folks on both sides of this gun issue to examine the words of Adolf Hitler, the Klu Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, and others who just by the words that came their mouth inspired destruction, death, and pain. Let me tell ya, the Klan didn’t use guns as their weapons of choice when they wanted to kill black folks. Adolf Hitler threw millions of jews in the furnace and filled their lungs with gas, he didn’t have to use guns to make his point. So is this really a gun crisis or a crisis of the culture at large?