Colin Powell's Use of Revisionist History Officially Makes Him A Liberal Democrat

It’s not just his freewheeling use of revisionist history, but also the fact that he supported a liberal Democrat for president twice. Despite a poor record, policies and a world view Powell for so many years as a Republican presumably disagreed with. General Powell was never a rigid right winger but he was no bleeding heart liberal that’s for certain. One could only conclude his sudden “fan boy” support for President Obama stems from the very roots of his support in 2008: Racial Pride

That’s a topic for another day. But in so doing, that is supporting the president Gen. Powell has at the same time joined the Conga line of establishment beltway GOP old heads in lecturing conservatives and the Tea Party. Now Powell, with the liberal media giving him a platform is trying to recreate historic events, even those in his own life as a decorated and admirable public servant. As Mark Finkelstein points out on Newsbusters, Powell at one point in the 1990s was considered one of the most highly touted possible presidential candidates within the GOP. Republicans, who I assume were white back then loved Colin Powell and openly promoted his seeking the Oval Office. At one time we thought Colin Powell would be the first black president.

Biting the hand that fed you is a dicey subject because it suggests that Powell owes all those white men who gave him a job. But it also states in its very definition…that Powell owes all those white men who gave him a job.

Surely Gen. Powell must know that he worked for a Republican president, right? And that Democrats used to suggest Powell was an Uncle Tom made to be the sacrificial lamb for the Bush administration, and suddenly because he supported a black Democrat president he’s no longer an Uncle Tom coon, right?

Colin Powell has aligned himself with people who would just as soon throw him back into the tree via noose as they embraced him for supporting one of their own “boys”. Now Harry Reid can talk about two light skinned boys with no negro dialect.

I’m surprised at how easily Colin Powell was able to forget about all the racial insensitive things said about him by the left when he worked for Bush Hitler and Dick Satan Vader Cheney.

I love by the way how Democrats and the media rush to tongue kiss Colin Powell but when Artur Davis became a Republican he was a sellout house n_gger, gotcha. So when black folks who were Democrats become Republicans they’re house monkeys, but when black Republicans become Democrats they’re, escaped slaves?

Here’s the kicker: Steve Rattner , former Obama administration “car czar” said the reason so many Republicans are hostile to Colin Powell is because quote, “he’s black”. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Tim Scott black? Mia Love, black? Allan West, another brotha man right? J.C. Watts, a brotha, the formerly most hated black Republican before Allan West, Allen Keyes, isn’t he black as well? I mean all them are darker than Colin Powell so wouldn’t the GOP hate them even more?

The left can so quickly erase the historic elections of Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, Tim Scott, and other minorities Republican elected in order to feed into this racial fetish they have.

Colin Powell needs to realize that as soon as he does, says, or supports something his new liberal buddies don’t like, well, its back to house he goes.

Gen. Powell, all you did was escape from one “plantation” to another.

By the way, what if President Obama suddenly came out and said he was a Republican now? That would cause all kinds of so much liberal head explosions and universe collapse.