Ron Fournier Is Right, President Obama Is Aloof

An article by Ron Fournier called “The Perils of Being Aloof” has quickly been labeled a coded, subliminal, dog whistle, smoke signal for racism when played backwards like a record and read in a mirror. Liberals have taken the word “aloof” and determined just like that, that it means uppity. So aloof joins peanut butter, Chicago, apartment, arrogant, unpatriotic, ego, Kenya, Muslim, European, socialism, socialist, communism, communist, anti-capitalist, class warfare, immigrant, border, community organizer, hamburgers and french fries, other, “You Lie!”, and traditional, as words and or phrases directly or in directly related to President Obama that are coded and subliminal racist barbs used by conservatives and Republicans.

Well, I’m black, and I think the president is aloof. But not in the way Mr. Fournier might think. His aloofness, as I see it has nothing to do with his schmoozing with Republicans in order to get things done. I believe the president is aloof when it comes to how he views the American people. To me being aloof means you go to Hawaii for vacation during a debt crisis you yourself said was critical in terms of our economic health and viability. Even more aloof in my estimate is saying you look out for average Americans but you rack of 7 million on the taxpayers’ backs while you chill on the big island. No, I’m sorry it was 20 million not 7…whoa. How can anyone find 20 million dollars worth of anything to do in this world?

Aloof is squeezing as much political juice out of Hurricane Sandy until you seal up reelection and then flying off to Vegas for a fundraiser after telling storm victims they won’t be forgotten. What happens in Vegas Stayed in Vegas until after election night

Aloof is telling a room full of big money donors that folks in Pennsylvania cling to their guns and their religion as away to soothe their xenophobic and economic anxieties.

Aloof is being responsible for a 16 trillion dollar debt and then telling the Speaker of the House that we don’t have a spending problem. “Nah man, I can quit whenever I want, besides I ain’t got no problem”

Aloof  was telling the American people the economy is getting better, in the face of a 10% unemployment rate.

Telling Hispanic Americans their kids couldn’t get ice cream in Arizona without showing their papers: Aloof, and stupid

“You didn’t build that, someone else built that”: Aloof, maybe even a little socialist who knows.

Dude, you eat arugula, that’s so classic aloof.

Your wife tells Americans they should change their eating habits yet you guys eat burgers and fries and smoke cigarettes: Aloof hypocrites!

Aloof isn’t a code word but a mere accurate description of a man long out of touch with everyday people. He’s just as rich as Mitt Romney but only slightly less aloof therefore he won the election….Our democracy at work folks. I always say the trouble with democracy is that a majority of stupid people have a larger share of the vote each election cycle.

President Obama being aloof isn’t necessarily a bad thing if he actually owns up to it. Some people don’t have the personality to connect with people whom they don’t spend a lot of time around in their everyday life. The man is a Hyde Park establishment millionaire liberal straight out the academic wing of high society progressive America.

It almost makes you wonder why Mitt Romney and President Obama hated each other so much when they’re so much alike. Their only differences being skin color, their first and last names, where they grew up, and party affiliation. Aside from that both men are aloof millionaires who if not for politics wouldn’t bother pretending to know what “fly over” families in America go through on a daily basis.

Idiotic accusations of racism aside, the president doesn’t feel your pain because he lives a lavish lifestyle. Most Americans choose between a month’s worth of groceries or having their electricity turned off; Mr. Obama chooses between the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, or Hawaii for his vacation spot. But he feels your pain honest, so much so he’s willing to vacation…and spend your money doing it.

“I will not rest until this economy is moving again….right after I finish my afternoon nap on the beach.”

Fact: Barack Obama is the first Christian-Muslim, Kenyan-Hawaiian-Kansas-Chicago born millionaire of color to become president of the United States.