Dear Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords

I’m not trying to be mean and no I don’t have a cold heart but I’m getting a wee bit tired of Mark Kelly and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Look, I know she has gone through a great deal since the Tucson shooting, to say I know what it’s like to be involved in such a tragic event would be a lie. But I also understand the line between the unfortunate details of what she and others went through, and the line approaching self-promotion and pushing an agenda. I would hope Mark Kelly and Mrs. Giffords aren’t using her experience as a tool for self-promotion, but I believe to some extent they are.

I know it’s politically correct to hail the former Congresswoman and her astronaut husband as heroes but are they really? And if they are, most heroes I know from the various comic books I’ve read growing up tend to shy away from constant adulation and the limelight. Perhaps I’m wrong about this whole thing, if so what explains the USS Gabrielle Giffords? It’s an upcoming Independence-class littoral combat ship that will be named after the former Arizona Congresswoman. As pointed out by folks on Twitter, the irony of Mark Kelly and Mrs. Giffords crusade against the second amendment and her having a warship named after her, not to mention her having armed guards is quite glaring I must admit.

Kind of like how the editor in chief of the Journal News looked into hiring armed guards after posting an interactive map detailing the information and addresses of legal gun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties in New York.

I have no doubt that Mrs. Giffords is a nice person and likely means no harm in what she and her husband are trying to accomplish. I believe they believe no one should be allowed to own a gun; just as I believe liberals in general oppose the idea of gun ownership altogether. They say semi-automatic weapons and assault weapons but they really mean guns in general. The way they go about it is a creeping effect where measures are put in place there by giving them a green light to categorize any gun under the banner of “Assault Weapon”. Today the AR-15 is an assault weapon, tomorrow it may be your everyday Bass Pro Shop hunting rifle. The category is what gives them a pathway to their ultimate goal which is complete confiscation of all firearms.

By the way a young man in Alabama plotted to blow up his high school. He was a self-proclaimed white supremacist; where’s the call for banning materials used to make homemade bombs, like fertilizer? How about propane which was used in the attempted Time Square Bombing, or the materials found in the Greenwich Village apartment of Morgan Gliedman and her boyfriend Aaron Greene. They were accused of domestic terrorism. Should we now seek measures to control the sale of propane tanks? How about we regulate the use and sale of fertilizer I mean, why on Earth would someone need five or more bags of fertilizer? It’s not like they need it for gardening or anything like that….oh.

You can buy a 5 gallon propane gas tank for $69.99, that’s half the cost of most firearms. So if it’s easier to buy a 5 gallon propane tank, maybe $5.95 for a bag of fertilizer from Lowe’s, what’s the stop some troubled young man from making a bomb and making that ultimate decision of taking life in large numbers? I would argue that a blast from a bomb causes more damage than a hailstorm of bullets from a Military style assault weapon. However, aren’t all things used to cause physical harm assault weapons? If I punch you in the face, what is that? I used my fist as a weapon to assault you, and 2+2 is still 4 guys.

But in keeping with my take on Gabby Giffords, where are the warships for the other Tucson shooting victims? How about we name a warship after Dawn Hochsprung? She was the principal who went after Adam Lanza as he cut down those little joys. She doesn’t have a story to tell, at least not in her own words because unfortunately she’s no longer with us. I’m not saying Mrs. Giffords isn’t a hero but to me Dawn Hochsprung is the most authentic example of that word outside of law enforcement, and our soldiers fighting overseas. She threw caution to the wind and her life along with it because her love for those students proved stronger that day.

If anything she deserves a warship before Gabby Giffords.

Since December 14th when I called for my fellow conservatives to rethink the 2nd Amendment I’ve have a change of heart it seems. Not so much a flip flop because at my core I’m pro-gun. As a libertarian I believe you have the right to own a firearm for protection and if you’re an outdoors man then hunting is a way of life; I respect that. But as a Christian I believe we should have limits in what we enjoy as freedoms in America. I support the first amendment but I believe pornography should be illegal based on its historic and proven negative effects on families and its highly addictive nature.

My pastor David Blunt said in regards to Sandy Hook: “It’s not more laws that are going to change people. Laws only work on the outside,  real change starts on the inside. Only God can do what needs to be done in our country. So this tragedy in Connecticut and tragedy all over our nation, the answer is a revival.”

And he’s right, no amount of new laws will ever stop a troubled young man from entering a school, mall, or grocery store and taking the lives of innocent people. Adam Lanza, the Virginia Tech shooter, the Aurora Colorado shooter, the young man in Portland who shot up the mall, shooters at Columbine, they all had something in common: They had no love for themselves so in turn they had no love for others.

Liberals are always preaching to us about acceptance and tolerance, diversity yet they’re the ones who control the propaganda used to tell young girls and young people in general that if they don’t dress, talk, think, or act a certain way that’s acceptable to the hierarchy of cultural liberalism then they aren’t worthy, not pretty enough, not worth the time of day because they don’t “fit in”. From Hollywood to the fashion world it’s all liberal and it defines what acceptable is. So when you have young people committing suicide because they don’t feel good about themselves, or young men cold to violence and destruction, teens rebelling against their parents because the liberal music industry and MTV tells them its “like totally cool” to flip the bird to authority, perhaps you should stop lecturing us about the second amendment and start focusing on what you’ve done to the culture. Or maybe we should play your game and start looking at the first amendment which gives liberals a license to poison society with filth they call entertainment.

But oh no, that would be unconstitutional