We'll Leave the Light On For Ya

Disclaimer: TomJeffersonsGhost is by no means advocating the rape of innocent young women nor the molestation of young males. Merely in proving a point such examples were used. Reader discretion is advised

One of the more annoying stories so far in 2013 has been this idiotic little school yard game by the Journal News where they’ve taken it upon themselves to publish this interactive map detailing thousands of residents who own firearms. Despite an outcry and experts saying this could give would be criminals a fast food like menu of unsuspecting victims, the newspaper continued to publish this map. Now they hired armed guards to protect their neck; how interesting.

You know, I’m a lessons kind of guy you know what I’m saying? I believe if you learn a hard lesson you’re better for it. So why not publish an interactive map listing the addresses of the folks who work for the Journal News? Better yet let’s hand out a sample version of the map to every sex offender in Westchester and Rockland County. We could also post the map in every jail; just put it on inside the jail cell. That way the worst of society who frequent said jail cells can have a warm place to stay when they get out.

We ought to go further and post details about the children of those who work for the Journal News. I’m sure a nice innocent 18 year old girl would satisfy any degenerate’s fantasy…oh yeah barely legal. Instead of sending criminals to jail the judge should sentence them to which ever address is on the map. Just have like a random style set up where the bailiff writes down the addresses on little pieces of paper and puts them in a hat. The judge would then close his or her eyes, draw a piece of paper and whichever Journal News employee’s address comes up, that criminal would be sentenced to a mandatory three years living with that person.

But not just living with them, staying in their daughter’s room for serial rapists, and for child molesters, the son’s room. It’s a pretty good idea I think because it saves money, we would build fewer prisons, and begin to solve the prison industrial complex in this country.

However, with all my kidding around and what not, here’s the more important point in all of this: It’s often been the case that for the left they tend to support and or promote an agenda that never seems to directly effect them in any way. Whether its taxes, gun control, or what have you, the left is always trying to push their dirty garbage on our side of the street. It’s easy to call for strict gun control or to be anti-gun in general when you don’t have a connection to the traditional culture of guns like a lot of folks in the Midwest, south, and west. It’s easy to want higher taxes when you’re a Hollywood liberal because you make millions of dollars playing make believe; most Americans simply cannot afford higher taxes in any shape or form.

They’re disconnected from what normal America looks like yet they constantly want to impose abnormality on a world they not only don’t understand, but one they fear and hold contempt for because they don’t understand.

Publishing the addresses of innocent, law abiding gun owners for the sake of proving a point in which many Americans in other parts of the country disagree with is like the school newspaper posting the weight of every student just because the school newspaper staff believes kids shouldn’t be eating junk food during lunch. Why take it out on the people who for the most part are innocent in all of this? Those residents had nothing to do with Sandy Hook just as the resident gun owners in Aurora had nothing to do with the hostage crisis over the weekend or the movie theater shooting.

You can’t use that kind of dummy logic where because one bad apple or a few bad apples out there do something evil, therefore we all must pay the price for their actions. I don’t pay for the actions of my own brother, why should I or anyone else pay for the sins of Adam Lanza and the other shooters? As I’ve said before, and as someone who now supports the idea of stronger gun control laws, there’s a difference between that and doing something dangerous and stupid like posting private information about people you don’t know in a newspaper. All it does is water down the conversation to the least common denominator.

God forbid someone on that map is harmed in any way by this little playground game. What will the Journal News say then? I doubt they’ll own up to their irresponsible choices; we all know liberals never take responsibility for anything they do. It’s always someone else’s fault. So if one of those residents on the map gets raped, their home burglarized, or worse, I guess its the fault of everyone else on that map huh? I mean they owned a gun so that had to be the reason.