I Blame Todd Akin, Richard Murdock, and The Other People Under the Stairs

I blame Todd Akin for what resulted in a tax increase on a large majority of Americans as the Senate remains firm in the dusty grip of America’s favorite sociopath and desert land dealer Harry Reid. Candidates like Todd Akin and sadly Richard Murdock were put in a situation in which, by their own doing were “lose-lose”. First Mr. Akin did something you’re never ever supposed to do in public: Say the very thing you say whenever you’re talking to yourself around the house or in your office alone.

Look, there’s plenty of things I conjure up in my mind and when I’m bantering about to myself (thinking out loud or signs of mental instability?) but I never compel myself to say those things in public where people can hear and render me a moron. I always tell people, never ever say stupid things in front of people you don’t know because that will forever stick in their mind as the final impression of you as a person; fair or unfair.

Todd Akin thought for a minute there that he was an expert on rape. He went on local television and expressed his new found self given expertise but instead he verbally blew his own toes off with a shotgun.

The man was in a state of turmoil as his once lock on the Missouri senate seat against Claire McCaskill began to crumble like old stale pop tarts. Akin then mounted an “In a room alone with a pistol and whiskey with the door boarded shut” strategy where he refused against mounting pressure to step down.

But the weird old white guys who remind you of John Lithgow’s character from Footloose talking about rape didn’t end there; oh no. Richard Murdock, who was running for the senate in Indiana said to himself: “Please I can give you one better than Todd Akin” and said that a child conceived from rape was a gift from God.

Now listen, I believe that no child created from rape or incest ought to be aborted because I’m of the mind that a child born from any circumstance is innocent; the child never asks to be born. But at the same time I also believe that no man outside the medical or law enforcement world should be talking about rape. I’m not so hard on Murdock as I am Todd Akin because I think Todd Akin was being a bit arrogant and self serving in how he handled his gaffe moment. At least with Richard Murdock you can offer some safe landing for his comments; they were mostly misunderstood and he meant no real harm.

Although, this run of folly within the GOP’s senate hopes didn’t start with Todd Akin and Richard Murdock. Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell didn’t do the party any favors in 2010 with one talking about second amendment solutions and the other failing to convince voters that she wasn’t a witch. You know even as I quote that ad from Christine O’ Donnell I can’t help but to laugh because I still can’t believe that ad was real. When you cut an ad and you start off by saying, “I’m not a witch” what do you think will be the reaction from voters?

If someone called you a fudge packer would you then cut an ad saying “I’m not a fudge packer” no you wouldn’t because that’s just wrong.

I’m not saying these candidates were bad people, I don’t know them. I’m just saying perhaps, perhaps they were bad candidates. And there’s nothing wrong with accepting our failure to really weed out the candidates in 2010 who realistically couldn’t get elected class president.

That’s not to say I supported or would support establishment candidates because I find them to be even worse but at least they’re polished turds.

The thing that gets me the most is that those seats in Nevada, Connecticut, Indiana, and here in Missouri were winnable seats against the weakest candidates we’ve seen in a long time. I mean Harry Reid for heaven’s sake, the man was momentarily wobbled and we couldn’t even knock his head off. Harry Reid from Psych Ward, Nevada. Then you had Claire McCaskill here in Missouri who was and still is the most unpopular and most disliked politician in the state. She was out on her feet and ready to kiss canvas, we couldn’t get her out of there because Todd Akin chose his pride over the bigger picture; as in no more Claire McCaskill.

Hopefully the next go round we’ll have a better sense of what we want in our candidates. Although for every Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and Richard Murdock we got Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.

I still don’t know how Scott Brown lost to Pocahontas up of there in Massachusetts.