Players of the Game

I’ve been pretty oblivious to the politics daily of what’s going on in the nation’s capital. So I here, it’s pretty miffed up. So after all this, we’re getting a 41:1 ratio of tax hikes to spending cuts. I don’t know when these cuts will actually happen, perhaps the usual ten years from now, maybe ten thousand years from now. But one thing I do know is that there are two types of Americans evolving from this political primordial ooze in which lay seeping from the capital steps: Those who recognize the okie doke when they see it, and those who gleefully cheer as Rome burns like an ant hill under a magnifying glass in the hands of a kid who gets his jollies off the pain of small animals.

I call this “Players of the Game” because, it’s exactly that, a game to be played, and people to be had as pawns for the suits in power. I never really bought into the idea of this fiscal cliff because it sounded, smelled, and looked like a lying, funky old duck with a quack damaged by years of chain smoking. There was never any fiscal cliff and if so I suspect we’ve been scraped off the bottom of the canyon for about three years now. The fiscal cliff took place the moment our national debt hit the “multiple trillions” mark; somewhere around 2011.

We’ve raised the debt ceiling time and time again, only now there’s some massive train awaiting us at the exit of this dark and cold tunnel? Only now are these elected mobsters masquerading as Congressmen and Senators suddenly concerned for the economic well being of this nation?

Didn’t they get the memo plastered on the bulletin board in the meeting room? America’s economy been dead man, where you been?

What the politicians in DC are doing is like a mass murderer on the loose, who suddenly decides to organize a neighborhood watch. Mitch McConnell I’m told sold conservatives down the river for  half drunken bottle of whiskey and a promise that he’ll get a thousand dollars two months from now after he delivers a car to someone’s house next week. I heard he and Joe Biden locked lips and the universe made sense again because this fiscal deal was the best thing like ever.

But we all know when someone tells you something is the best thing ever, it probably doesn’t even come close or it’s the total opposite of being the best ever. A one night stand tells some Joe mug he was the best ever, then she takes his wallet and the keys to his sports car while he was passed on in the hotel he charged to his Visa.

I have no faith in the words of obligated liars who are obligated to oblige their dishonesty. I said a month ago that America ought grab the jelly and clap that, because we’re all getting son’d like prison rape.

I can’t quite figure out if its a matter of Republicans being too easily punk’d by Democrats and President Obama, easily fooled, willingly fooled, or just in on the whole laughing act.

Whatever the case may be Republicans were systematically seduced into breaking the one principle that stood the test of time: Never Raise Taxes

When your strongest, longest lasting, and most concrete principle is broken so easily, then what else can you stand on? Republicans had their principles, that’s all they had left after two consecutive pwnings in 2008 and 2012. Now what can you offer a country that already thinks you’re a bunch of fumbling idiots who can’t form a coherent plan to help get our fiscal house in order.

But hey, the game’s to be sold, not told. And we just went to the highest bidder who bid a buck.