An Open Letter to President Obama, About Sandy Hook

Dear President Obama,

While I appreciate your emotion in response to this recent tragedy, make no mistake I believe your tears were real, you’re a father, it hit home I assume. I would like to take this time and ask you to take a serious look at the money behind your presidency, your campaigns. The same people who throw lavish fundraisers, star studded concerts, are the same people who benefit, promote, celebrate, and create this ocean of garbage they call “art” and we’ve called “entertainment”. This ocean of garbage has now, over the decades become an ocean of blood. An ocean of blood that somehow sees the promoters of the content gain in the pocket, and families, communities across America gain in the number of caskets and candle light vigils.

Mr. President I’m no fool, I don’t believe every child is going to grow up to be a mass murderer after watching Rambo First Blood Part II, or playing Mortal Kombat. Speaking from a personal view, I’ve been a video game advocate for over ten years, and I’ve seen my fair share of action shoot em up, bang em up blockbusters. But today even someone so experienced with the culture as I am is starting to notice the boundary lines being crossed.

Mr. President we have gotten to a point where kids can no longer watch television after 2 in the afternoon because parents aren’t really sure what kind of family friendly programming is on. Even the channels we thought were pretty safe for our children are now in on the act. When I was a kid in the 1990s Power Rangers and VR Troopers were pretty much the height of action packed programming on Saturdays. Now, kids are being targeted with the most boundary testing content Hollywood thinks they can get away with creating.

And they can, because people like you Mr. Obama are content with their product as long as they fund your campaigns. Does the NRA act in the same fashion with the GOP? They absolutely do, but two wrongs don’t make a right; both have become machines of a cultural arrogance built on the idea of getting more money and gaining more influence where it counts: The political arena

Why do you pal around with Jay-Z sir? With Ludacris and other rappers who have made millions selling lyrics of death, rebellion, misogyny, and anti-Christ? These rappers who pose in pictures with you seek validation through the office of the presidency, and you sir have given it to them. Now the “thug” has gone legit because you gave him the presidential seal of approval.

A black kid in Detroit sees Jay-Z posing with you and now he feels it’s okay to glorify drugs, street violence, and a wannabe Mafioso culture because well, look who gave Jay-Z the big thumbs up. Well, they wear suits now, rap’s gone “corporate” but La Cosa Nostra wore Armani as well.

I understand without Hollywood and the Music Industry sir you wouldn’t be where you are today. But repeat back to me what I just said and tell me you don’t see the sadness in that.

While Americans come together to try and solve this issue of gun violence, predictably Hollywood and the Music Industry has gone silent along with the NRA. And the few who do speak out want to shift the blame to guns, not their Tinsel town fantasies. Those fantasies sir, have done a great deal of harm to the overall emotional reasoning when it comes to violence, sex, and morality.

I know Satan controls Hollywood and pop culture in general because he’s the god (small “g”) of this world. But the bible teaches us that if we resist the Devil he’ll flee from us. He has no power except that which we give to him throughout complicit endorsing of the product.

From pornography to horror gore, Mr. President your base has a lot of blood on their hands, more than they wish to acknowledge. They tell our youth to rebel against authority, sell drugs, have sex like it’s a game and means nothing, shoot the Police, shoot those whom have wronged you, violence is fun, there are no such things as consequences, and oh, Jesus sucks and God is dead.

If nothing else sir think of your daughters. Jay-Z and these foul mouth bums call women all kind of disrespectful names and yet you openly embrace them. What if Ludacris called your daughter a slut or the b-word; you’d be ready to throw cinder blocks. I’m always amazed by your aloof approach to what sits right under your nose sir. These are bad people who only care about the bank they get from the evil they create.

They call you their Lord and savior; we know Christ of Nazareth isn’t their Lord and savior, so perhaps they’ll actually listen to you. Don’t let their influence and big checks scare you sir, at the end of the day they’re just people trying to act out their own hang ups in the form of the most backward, vile, and immoral filth man has ever known. They serve a defeated master (Satan) who will lose in the end. These people have no power if the one they serve has no power.

I believe, much to the dismay of my conservative brothers and sisters perhaps, that deep down you’re a decent man who just wants to do right by what you believe. I don’t believe you support gay marriage but I also believe the pressure in a political year made you come out in support of gay marriage. If I could ask you your real thought on the matter in private, I’m sure the answer would be different.

Don’t let these ghouls shape your presidency or your next step. Be your own man and tell these high rolling, Hollywood snakes to go straight to hell where they’re headed if they don’t repent.

You felt something on Friday sir I know you did. Those tears were real.




PS: If They had no more money to give, would you embrace them then?

#Unholywood and the Music Industry Pulled the Trigger, 12.14.2012