To the Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary, On Behalf of All Conservatives

This one, and the one in Colorado, the one at Virginia Tech, and the countless others, there on us conservatives. I say that because we know better, as I said in my previous post. I feel personally ashamed and disappointed because I have family members who are elementary school workers and students. I feel like as a conservative I should have done more to better steer the culture in the right direction. All day I’ve been pacing back and forth thinking to myself: “Where have we been for the past few years?” We were so wrapped up in trying to defeat President Obama we forgot about the other battles.

I want to apologize to the parents and victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting because we let you guys down. We allowed the left to come in, and define the culture, define the arguments, and the basis of what it means to care. All the while we went back home with our ball in hand cursing and stomping under our breath. We took it on the chin and we blame each other instead of going back into the gym and putting in work for the next fight. While the left continued to pick away at traditional institutions like marriage, the family, the rights of the unborn, we settled for small defeats and formulated plans that failed to push our ideas. Eventually though, those small defeats added up to pretty sizable problems that we’re dealing with today.

The left moved like a virus attacking one sector of society after another while conservatives sat back and focused for too long on a sector they destroyed twenty five years ago. It took them twenty five years to destroy the culture and it took us twenty five years to figure out they destroyed it, and while it took us an additional twenty five years to look up and decide we wanted to take the culture back, they were on to the next sector, and the next.

We let our egos and our animosity get in the way of fighting back, and now it’ll be interesting to see how we deal with this crisis. Again I’ll ask: What happened to us? Where’s our mojo, our will to fight tooth and nail, to the death for our country? I’m not saying liberals literally put on combat gear, loaded some weapons and starting shooting people, but I’m saying they loaded up the culture with the kinds of reality eroding material that desensitizes our youth in a way that breeds homegrown evil.

It’s this very reason why I hate the hear these white flag wavers like George Will give up on the traditional marriage fight. He said the opposition is dying off, literally. Oh well I guess that’s it then huh?

Same thing with the legalization of pot, you got conservatives and some Christians no less now talking about making it legal across the board and taxing it like tobacco. My God in heaven what the heck have we become as a movement?

There should be no reason why conservatives would ever object to a debate about guns. That’s our issue, and yet because we hate the very notion of that debate, we never show up. Social issues well you know John McCain said move on because we can’t win on that issue.

I can’t tell you this personally but I can tell you that we’ll try to put up a better fight from now on. At least I will, can’t say the same about the others. I’ve more so shed my strident conservatism for a more righteously angered conservatism. I’m just tired of being apart of the group that had a chance to do something and chose not to.

Gun control at whatever level in whatever form is not a liberal issue but a conservative one. We’re suppose to be the ones for restraint. I don’t know, I don’t see this country surviving the next four years if we conservatives don’t lead the charge. It’s awful sad when folks on the same team want to weed out people fighting for the same cause.

I don’t want to sound like I’m self righteous or like I’m coming down on fellow conservatives. I just very hurt by what has happened because I have young nephews and cousins that attend elementary school. And it hurts me more than anything else that conservatives just gave up on these battles like they don’t matter. The White House become more important than the message. Liberals on the other hand were able to push the message as a way to win the White House in back to back presidential elections.

We can’t give up guys, not this easily anyway. We gotta get more involved in our schools, our communities, local government. We gotta teach our kids better than what we were taught. We have to adapt to the reality of what’s going on.

If the Republican Party won’t stand with us then perhaps we ought to think about standing alone against two parties.