It's Time: Rethinking the 2nd Amendment in 2012

First and always foremost I encourage everyone to ask their father who is in heaven for his grace and protection for those involved in the tragedy in Connecticut. I also encourage people to pray for the shooter, his soul is at the mercy of the almighty who will judge him on the throne as he is now departed from this life and where he might end up, as I said about former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, we must ask God to take mercy on him because hell is a serious bounty for the life we choose to lead when we choose to lead it outside the will of God.

There comes a time when maturity sets in for an individual. Now, some people unfortunately never grow up mentally, therefore they never seem to grasp the concepts of maturing beyond their current state. I believe conservatives have, to their detriment fallen into this unnecessary trap of being so stridently opposed to even the very mention of consideration when it comes to gun laws. The natural reaction by conservatives is to strike like the viper against the hand that would have them surrender their weapons. The 2nd amendment like all amendments are 50% literal and 50% symbolic. Most countries around the world don’t have the same freedoms we’ve enjoyed and arguably taken for granted here in America. Most countries don’t have a concrete set of values that promote the idea of basic liberty. The idea, was to promote freedom in an attempt to craft a civil society built on the advancement of individuals within a free and open nation.

But at what point do we opt for bull headed objection to this debate over guns at the expense of accepting this hard fact: We’re in the last days, our culture is eroding as are our traditional safe havens and comfort zones, therefore we must adapt accordingly.

You know me by what I’ve written here on Redstate, if it were up to me everyone would have access to any kind of firearm they want, given the world was still like it was when my mother and father were young. I have no delusions about gun control absolutism, I don’t believe for one second banning all guns would miraculously solve America’s violent outburst. Remember, their our people in control of their weapon of choice from the gun to the pipe bomb, the butcher knife, even their family car. And in control of the person wielding the weapon is a demonic force unseen by the natural line of sight.

Is God exercising judgement on America? My friends I believe so, but by who’s provocation? Certainly not his. For God doesn’t simply punish for the sake of punishment, God preaches warning and he loves, but like your Earthly father he disciplines those whom he loves. America needs to change before it’s too late; and conservatives need to lead and be the parents once again.

We used to be the ones standing up for reason, for accountability, the adults in the room. We were the fathers who got the kids in line but now we’ve become a movement so singular and so shallow in our focus that we’ve let the issues of the day pass us by.

People use to listen to us and what we had to say because we actually had something to say once upon a time. On this very issue of guns and gun control if we as the party and the movement of 2nd amendment rights stand up and offer a new solution, I have no doubt folks will ready their ears and will listen to what we have to say.

We’re the only ones that can make this argument because we’re the ones who know ins and outs. We’re the hunters, the first line of security at home, we’re the police officers, and the soldiers. Conservatives are the only ones who can bring some clarity and common sense to the issue of guns and gun culture in America. We owe it to our families and the next generation to finally say: “You know what, let’s have this conversation for the sake of those who will inherit the country long after the Lord calls us home”.

How is it that conservatives have always considered themselves the guardians of the culture and yet we’ve been so unwilling to have serious discussions about the culture. Could you imagine what this country would be like if conservatives weren’t around? If we weren’t fighting the hard battles for the sake of the future? I’ve always said conservatism and Christianity has kept America from the brink of complete social and political destruction. But where did the bold conservative warriors go?

It’s like, I mean did we just give up? Are we now just a bunch of angry people looking to score payback instead of swallowing our pride and reclaiming the chair at the head of the table?

I think conservatives can make a lot more sense of the structural problems going on in the public school system and with the access to firearms. Instead of being for or against one, maybe we can mold our views that better account for reality while at the same time protecting the foundation of the 2nd amendment.

These would be a good place to start:

Federal Ban of Assault Weapons

Increase the mandatory sentence for illegal gun carriers from 5 years to 15 years, 25 years for those who have past gun related and or a violent criminal record.

Repealing the Gun Free Schools Act

Increase Security, trained and permitted to use Police standard firearms

More importantly, end the idea that gun free zones are mutually exclusive to violence and crime free zones

Now some of you might look at this and say I’m anti-2nd Amendment, that’s crazy talk. I’m not anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment, or against your right to protect yourself. I’m anti-stubborn, anti-reason, and anti-common sense. And let me be clear, the gun control advocates ought not be so quick to exploit mass shooting tragedies for the sake of their own political agenda. Some of the most uneducated people when it comes to guns are at the head of these anti-gun agencies and it just shows you have much their ignorance and political bias controls their approach to the issue.

It’s time to be the responsible ones again my conservative brothers and sisters. If we aren’t then who will be?