You Know, Unions Have a History Too

Most corrupt institutions in American History:




Music Industry

And not in that order, although boxing is my first love here on Earth, a “Most Corrupt” list wouldn’t be such without boxing in the top five at least. For all those who want to rush to the defense of unions, private and public sector, let me tell you something about the union world: They have more snakes than one of Medusa’s wigs. I don’t think unions have ever been clean now that I think about it. I’m not saying the average everyday union Joe is corrupt because that’s not the case. In fact most union members tend to have beliefs opposite of their forked tongue, fat cat union boss who signs deals with Mafia devils and political sluts in suits, often at the expense of the innocent worker trying to break dirt to earn keep.

Like this guy Trumka, Richard Trumka who makes over 250,000 dollars a year. Why is it by the way, or I should say why do I get a sense that he won’t have to pay higher taxes but someone who makes equal to what he does annually will pay higher taxes? This dude, man listen, this dude is like one of the most, easily one of the most corrupt dudes walking the Earth. Trumka would charge his own Granny union dues dog. How can anyone defend what this no neck fat crime boss does for a living? The guy steals from his members to line his own pockets while trying to use political capital to shake down corporations for more money.

Unions aren’t the last bastion of honest work in America, not until we clean out those union bosses. Let me ask any union member on the bottom rung this question: You think guys like Trumka and that trust fund Gerber baby Jimmy Hoffa Jr. give a rat’s backside about you or your family? You think they care whether or not you’re thrown under the bus because they actually care about you or they care about the dues?

They say money makes the world go round, so be it, I’ve been broke before I ain’t trying to repeat it. And in the game politics where the unions hold heavy clout money is the end all to this constant posturing and stare down between unions and Republican governors. It’s a strange thing in America when unions act like the victims and not the ones who are victimizing anyone they believe they can shake down for a few bucks and some power.

I don’t want to hear about how important unions are and labor until we cut the heads off the union boss serpent long constricting union  culture since before I was born. These guys were in bed with the mob banging and passing fluids like a relay baton and I’m suppose to believe now all the sudden unions are good for America?

I support Right to Work laws because I don’t believe you should have to force someone to join a union. As a matter of fact when I worked in demolition I didn’t join the union. I don’t think it’s fair to force folks to ante up with the cash when you’re only going to take that cash and pad your bank account or pay off politicians and mob bosses. Do you have any idea how low down filthy that is? I don’t want my money going toward candidates whom I disagree and would never vote for. Keep your fat, greasy, Diabetic related swollen, cash hand side claws out of my wallet before I, as my mom used to say, forget who you are and bust you upside your head like you’re crazy.

Honest hard working union members who don’t have a dog in the hunt really are being taken advantage of by these guys who are really the worst examples of human debris. These guys are so tangled in political and underworld dealings man please.

I for one hate to see any worker at the bad end of a deal and that goes for both what politicians in Michigan propose, and what the union bosses are trying to pull. I’m not one to promote the idea of not having unions because I come from a family of union workers because my dad was in the construction business. But like my dad who didn’t take to those twisted nose crime bosses who head the unions, I’m not going to support them either. I just wish we could make it to where they’re only hurt by this whole thing and not the workers. Such is the case that the average guy in this country always ends up with his pants down preparing to get son’d by politicians, the IRS, and the union boss. Grab some jelly my dude, and don’t sit for a good while afterward.

We need to stop acting like unions are the helpless actors in all this. Unions been victimizing their own people like I said before. How is it that in America I can’t work until I join a union? I believe in tithing and do so faithfully but nowhere in the holy bible does it say thou shall give to the unions. We give to Caesar what is his but Caesar wasn’t no union suit. You know, they take your paycheck which you earned working the hours like a dog because they view you as nothing but a unionized dog. You work them hours you see, and on every Friday or every other Friday you get that paycheck. But slow it up troop because before you sit down to bask in your honest reward given for honest work, you gotta pony up them dues, then pony up that tax to the IRS. We should absolutely pay our taxes and anyone not paying them should be put in jail. But union dues are a different matter entirely.


And that’s my two cents.