The Root of It All: Guns and Culture in America

“There’s a feeling of power you get when you grip a pistol, but it’s foolish to take a life because somebody dissed you”.

The bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. But what about the love of violence? Better yet what about America’s long documented, and long overlooked celebration of evil in our culture and in society? After the recent tragedy involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher, just one in many tragic gun related events here in America, may I ask if it’s the gun that is the root of all evil in this case, or the love of guns? Perhaps the numbing emotionless serenade we have with some of the most backward and evil aspects of the human experience within society.

We live in a country whose citizens entertain themselves on the daily with a heavy dosage of sexual imagery, foul language, bitter partisanship, anger, envy, lust, and violence. When are we going to realize that our nation is shifting from one of a civilized society to one of apathetic existence? Americans for the most part now live to satisfy their own meaningless lives.

When I hear Bob Costas or whoever talk about gun control, or the issue of gun control in general as the best solution to our recent outburst in violent gun related attacks, I look at them and I laugh to be honest. What’s to stop someone from making a homemade bomb and setting it off inside the school your children attend because student was tired of being ignored and treated like they didn’t matter?

What’s to stop a man from stabbing his wife and children to death with a butcher knife because he had no love in his heart? Take all the guns and lock em up, abolish the 2nd Amendment for all I care. Satisfy your own ignorant rationale about violence, all you gun control advocates out there.

Do it and see just how far the crime related death rate drops. I can tell you it’ll be like spitting in the grand canyon.

Gun advocates, a majority of whom are Progressives, want to take guns away because they don’t like them. But they ignore the larger issue which is America’s dying heart and fading empathy for human life and the respect of human life. You see they don’t want to eliminate abortions but they want to stop senseless killing by way of the gun. Kill the babies, but stop gun violence, got it.

The total number of abortions in the United States since 1973 until 2011 his well above 40 million at 54.5 million unborn children killed. A yearly rate hits 1.2 million, daily rate is 3288, and hourly is 137 abortions in America. Civil society my a**

I look at Javon Belcher and I see no difference between him and Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood. Cecile Richards makes 400 thousand dollars a year man, killing babies. Could you imagine? She’s up their with the mob making millions off crime or the Mexican Cartels making millions of America’s drug appetite.

And really, both Mrs. Richards and the drug cartels simply cater to a willing customer, we can’t put all the blame on them.

The killers want to stop other killers from killing, but they want to continue to kill more innocent children and have protection under the law to do so. And of course, America gives them that protection. But I mean if we enact gun control and rethink the 2nd Amendment we need to start rethinking Roe v. Wade right?

I have no patience for any of these blood thirsty devils, only prayers because that’s what I’m commanded to do by the Almighty God. If it were not commanded of me by my father in Heaven to pray for those whom are wicked I tell you I would soon wish every last one of these bad apples to rot in the lake of fire.

But what kind of Christian would I be if I had that kind of response? Don’t take my critique of America as something anti-American or unpatriotic, but from the heart and from someone who knows the bible, and knows the path we seem to be running down as though we want to be the first ones to get their before everybody else.

This country has everything, its citizens have everything to satisfy earth temptation and pleasure yet we’re more unhappy, more angry, more anxious, and more pessimistic about our lives, our future, and that of our children than ever before. Why is that?

We have it all right? We do live in a fallen world but specifically, what makes America such a violent culture?

It’s not the guns I tell you that right now. You know why? America had guns during the founding, and unless you can tell me about a report back then about a string of gun related mass murders, I would contend that folks were a wee bit more civilized and respectful of life in those days.

But blame the gun if it means we don’t have to look at ourselves in the mirror and I don’t know, change?

I’m tired of this country to be quite honest because we haven’t learned any lesson that would prepare us for the big test. We’re failing right now and folks either blame someone else, create straw men, or go about their lives trying to escape something they don’t want to deal with.

Someone shoots up a school, ban the gun. Someone shoots up a mall, ban the gun, someone kills their entire family, ban the gun. “Oh that person was crazy” I wonder why. We never want to know why the person was crazy we just don’t want them to have access to guns.

Better yet, we want to score political victories and collect bank. The NRA, the gun control lobbies all work toward the same goal while supporting different aagendas: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

You know what, how do we even know for sure the gun control lobby wants to ban guns? After all what purpose would they serve if that actually came to fruition?

Javon Belcher, may the Lord bless and have mercy on his soul because now he’ll have to stand before the judge of judges on the throne. I just pray Mr. Belcher doesn’t pay the ultimate bounty for what he’s done. One bad decision might have doomed his soul for eternity; God help him.

It’s not cute anymore guys. We have all this foolishness and wicked behavior going on and we have the nerve to sing God Bless America? “Not God bless America” God have mercy on America.

Like I said before, take the guns away and you’ll have the same amount of death and destruction because the person is at the root of the problem. And at the root of why the person has such hatred in his heart for his fellow man is the culture we in the good ‘ol US of A call entertainment and “fun”.

What’s so fun about abortion, pornography, violence, misogyny, materialism, consumerism, lust, and jealousy? That’s American culture if I were to describe it to someone from another country.

Our principles say God, Liberty, Community, Freedom, and Prosperity, but our culture says Sex, Money, Selfishness, and Death; with a slice of apple pie of course.


They say cash rules everything around me

it seems For thirty pieces of silver you can buy you a king

and forfeit your soul become a slave to the machine

some would sell their own momma for the American pipe dream

redemption disregarded to the good news imparted

exempt from consequence spiritual free-dumb to free-tarded

morally decayed, selfish in my ways

I live to get paid I’m so American made