An Open Letter to Warren Buffett

Dear Mr. Buffett,

What up old man? Your back in the news it seems, once again calling on the government to tax you more and to do the same for all wealthy people in this country. It seems every time we have a fiscal crisis or showdown which oddly enough comes around every year since 2010, there you are with your high horse and self righteous plea for a tax hike. Although if one dodges taxes like a red ball in gym class is one a tax hike supporter or just a fake old tax cheat reptile?  Fake Old Tax Cheat Reptile for 5,000 Alex.

What I dislike about you the most sir is that you put on a front like you don’t enough taxes when you don’t pay any taxes you old buzzard. And then to lie about your secretary when come to find out she owns two homes and makes a half a mill a year, that did it for me sir. You represent old establishment Democrat money men, nothing more and nothing less.

You’re a tax cheating old cloud of dinosaur fart with nothing better to do than make money, dodge the IRS and lecture wealthy people about how they should all be like you and offer more in taxes for the greater good. Well, most rich people are like you in that they manage to duck taxes like bullets in a drive by shooting.

Speaking of tax cheats let’s me tell you about this old toy store owner looking dude name Warren Buffett, you might know him. The old guy’s company Berkshire Hathaway hadn’t paid taxes going back as far as 2002, yet this old mummy was carted out on every show talking about raising taxes on the wealthy. Every liberal and every media outlet rolled out the red carpet for this fraud.

See what I did there? You’re old, and you’re a joke and you’re a fraud. The Buffett Rule give me a break, how on earth can you have a rule name after you when you don’t even follow your own rule?!!! That’s height of hypocrisy and yet you get away with it because you contribute to Democrats and the media loves you.

Mr. Buffett before you lecture about others paying more in taxes maybe you should start by paying your own. And tell your secretary perhaps she should do a better job hiding her own wealth before you guys seek to deceive the nation. If your secretary is rich herself don’t pretend she’s not bro.

I’m not anti-wealth, I’m anti-fraud. Our political and business culture is rife folks who are completely made up and fraudulent. You talk about higher taxes because it’s not fair, well sir purposely dodging taxes and calling for tax increases knowing you’ll never pay taxes is the definition of unfair and it’s two faced I might add.

People on the low end of the income ladder need to realize that the Warren Buffet crowd could care one bit about what’s “fair”. I always tell people life isn’t fair but that doesn’t mean we should bend the rules. And when you break a rule name after you, man you just plain messed up in the head dog.

Be accountable, pay your taxes dude, stop killing the game with your hypocrisy. Better yet, stop all the noise and just pay what YOU believe in your heart is FAIR. Now we’re all going to sit back and wait…while you start to think of a percentage.

Please, take your time