Republicans Should Support Tax Hike

The media is in full pressure mode in an attempt to do the President’s bidding by cornering Republicans into supporting tax increases as a way to cut the budget. This latest push, not like the one we saw in the summer of 2011 when both sides were dealing with a debt ceiling and a deadline is perhaps guided by an extra boost in confidence seeing as Mr. Obama won reelection via late stoppage over Mitt Romney.

So, since they won the election why not give them what they want? Republicans need to end their stubborn pledge to that one guy with glasses and the weird sounding voice who makes Republican lawmakers sign a contract printed up on cheap computer paper in return they get to keep their jobs….or maybe their life.

It’s usually “I want your money or your life”, maybe it’s “I want your word or your life.” In any event, the Democrats won so let them raise taxes. Let them raise as many taxes as they want. Heck, let them tax 100% of the highest earners’ income for the next four years.

If it means the completion of a goal mapped out since the Democrat Party started using class warfare as a means to win elections and support for their agenda, then why not?

Let em have at it, Republicans should just go home and kick back for the next four years. I mean, coded word tells us “compromise” really means surrender because you lost….to us, again.

Mr. Obama and the Democrats got what they wanted in 2008 so why should 2012 be any different? Winner takes all is the name of the game in American politics. One side wins the pot, loser goes home with their pockets sticking out and a rehearsed story to tell their wife and their loan shark, if they’re a degenerate gambler.

The more Republicans resist the more the media will play the role of muscle and strong arm them into going back on their word. But hey, who cares about principles if we can just as easily and without remorse saddle our children into a cage of debt. Do we really believe that all of the sudden these media types and Democrats care about their own offspring?

When you have no soul and no core at which you derive your very principled foundation, who cares about the innocent.

I expect Republicans to buckle from the pressure like an opponent buckles from the pressure of Nolan Richardson’s 40 Minutes of Hell defense at Arkansas.

But if the GOP wins the White House in 2016 then Democrats have to reconsider their pledge to support abortion, gay marriage, tax increases, spending, and government infringement.

They have to reconsider their support for burdensome regulation. It’s only fair if the Republicans win in four years.

Let’s then see if the media applies the same pressure they apply to Republicans now.

I won’t hold my breath however, the pressure might bulge my eyeballs out my socket…plus I could die for lack of commonsense to open my mouth.

But America, you can bend over and open your mouth because you’re about to get a dose of something only seen on the internet for 9.95 a month for a 30 day trial. If you think tax increases will solve the debt issue I see a bridge to nowhere purchased in your future. And if you think they won’t raise taxes on the “middle class”, whatever that means, then I see a television with no power cord being purchased in your future also.

America pull your pants down because ya’ll about to get son’d. But hey, once they lube ya, it won’t hurt as much.