An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

Dear Mr. Bush,

It seems there have been a few sources as of late talking about the possibility that you might run for president in four years. While I support anyone’s freedom to run for office, I most certainly oppose yours. You did nothing for the Republican Party in 2012 except pimp your book like it was one of Rosebud’s hoes. Constantly talking down to the Republicans for not reaching out to Hispanics.

Of course, your entire relationship with Hispanics is overrated and based on the fact that you support amnesty and you’re married to a Hispanic woman. Beyond those inch deep “advantages” you have I see nothing that would suggest you could successfully win over Hispanic and Latino voters against a Democrat in 2016.

We’re tired of the last name “Bush” popping up everyone like that name still has meaning. It doesn’t because your brother, while a very good man, was a horrible president. As a result we were given President Barack Obama who I argue is a continuation of your brother’s presidency.

I don’t want false choices put in front of me when I cast my ballot four years from now. If the GOP is to shift to the future how on earth can you be involved? You’re in your 60s, you’re a white guy, and you represent the very essence of establishment political hierarchy Republicanism.

Stop trying to steal the spotlight from the next generation like Susana Martinez, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, and Brian Sandoval. Exit stage left you old stuffy white dude and take the Bush legacy back to Florida, or Crawford, Texas; whatever floats your boat.

In closing I hope you get the message real soon that the GOP is trying to expand while remaining a conservative party with principles, not slogans and cheap pandering.

So won’t you please tuck your condescending index finger back in because we conservatives have grown tired of you pointing at us and accusing us of being the problem, when in reality your brother was the problem when he decided to run in 2000.

I like Hispanic women, but I don’t particularly like you sir. Doesn’t mean I wish harm on you because I don’t, I just wish you would get a clue and leave the future of the GOP to folks who actually fought in the trenches when the war first began. You weren’t around during the summer of 09 when Obamacare was being crafted by the Democrat majority, you weren’t around during the midterm elections in 2010 when the Tea Party put a Republican majority in the Congress. You only showed up when the presidential election started. But that was your plan all along. Pimp your book and get your name out there for 2016.

I can’t stand guys who show up late to the brawl and act like they were throwing hands from the get go. You have a habit of undercutting conservatives who man the front lines.

Take Karl Rove and Chris Christie, and that square head sock puppet Joe Scarborough and you guys can go sit in a room and talk to yourselves about how you know better than those barefoot extremist Tea Party conservatives.

This isn’t empty anger, it’s defensive anger directed at a man who is the face of everything I dislike about the GOP political establishment culture. I’m tired of seeing the base being ganged up on by these fork tongue apologists who never seem to take responsibility yet always seem to show up just when the credit is about to be handed out. Chris Christie is cut from the same cloth and I’ve always said he was the most overrated politician since Bill Clinton. Why is he so special? Because he’s an arrogant fat guy from Jersey? That’s the entire cast of a Soprano’s episode.

We like our leaders unpolished and real. Not like you Mr. Bush where in recent months you’ve positioned yourself so much so that even your farts pander to a certain block of the electorate.