I Nominate Benjamin Netanyahu for the Nobel Peace Prize

Look I understand the Nobel Peace Prize has become more so a glamour award than anything else. Once upon a time before we started giving it to figures who had not yet actually accomplished anything remotely related to peace, the award stood for something genuine and was a symbolic gesture of true leadership around the world. But if I may, I would like to restore the prestige and meaning this honor once had. I would like to nominate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the next Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Now, I understand if I were to actually take this argument public, I would be in a very small minority; which is sad in and of itself. But can anyone else come up with a more relevant, steadfast, and bold world leader? Has there been anyone else on the world stage more readily prepared to take political fire and global condemnation for doing something every Prime Minister and President is sworn to do when they take office: Protect the People

The number one job for any leader be it the United States, Israel, Great Britain, you name it, the most important job above all else for any leader is to protect the people at home. That’s all an American president is really suppose to do. Provide for the common defense, be commander-in-chief, and protect the people and the homeland. Presidents ought to have no other duty beyond that, but unfortunately throughout American history we’ve seen the role of the executive branch expand beyond its limitations. But that’s another topic for another day.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has had to deal with more turmoil, terrorism, and bad actors in the world than any other leader, and yet he does so in dealing with hostile neighbors, wavering allies, an anti-Israeli propaganda machine that is increasing it’s function throughout the world by way of Al-Jazeera News, and increasing hostility here in the United States from our news media that has long been a working institution for false reports and bias coverage of the Middle East tensions that are covered here in America. In fact, the American news media led by NBC News was fully prepared to blame in part, Prime Minister Netanyahu for a possible Barack Obama defeat in the election because of Mr. Netanyahu’s personal friendship and public endorsement of Mitt Romney. American media outlets expressed impatience with the Prime Minister for what they perceived as him trying to influence the outcome of the election by throwing political hurdles in front of Mr. Obama.

But despite having pretty an entire region rising against him, decreasing support in the United Nations, and unpredictable backing from our own president Barack Obama, Netanyahu continues to do what any real leader would: He puts the interests and survival of his people first, while the world wants him to political and Militarily disarm before a threat they simply choose to explain away as misunderstood and provoked.

I won’t touch on Al-Jazeera because as far as I’m concerned they’re anti-Semitic with a capital “A” and therefore they lack credibility when it comes to the Middle East crisis and Israel because they’ve simply and willingly allowed themselves to become propaganda arms for Israel’s enemies. I mean I don’t recognize Al-Jazeera as a real news organization at all. But in terms of American media NBC, the New York Times, and MSNBC have soiled what little respect they had because they are some of the most dishonest and anti-Israel news sources we have domestically.

But again, those are topics for another day. I think Benjamin Netanyahu would have made a great American president. He understands, like so many great presidents from the past, that peace for the sake of peace, and surrender in the face of persecution will get you nowhere. The state of Israel is experiencing persecution right now because they were God’s chosen people. They’re facing persecution because they’re Jewish and they live in a part of the world where tragically being Jewish tags you with a birthright for death in the eyes of your neighboring countries.

Let’s not make any mistakes here, the term “cried wolf” does not apply in Mr. Netanyahu’s warning about the fate of Israel. Ah well, I doubt he’ll ever win the Peace Prize because the world sees him as a hawkish right wing Israeli who just wants an excuse to make war with people who aren’t getting a fair shake. Although, I can tell you if this were a Muslim leader trying to fight and plead for the survival of his country and his people against a neighboring Israeli threat, the world would be celebrating him. He would win the Peace Prize going away, like Barry Bonds winning NL MVP.

If Benjamin Netanyahu were an Arab leader I doubt Mr. Obama would have treated him like an annoying relative who ask for money when they visit every Thanksgiving. President Obama wouldn’t call for pre-1967 borders if Israel were trying to become its own independent country. But none of this is new and it will only get worse. But such is the mark of a good leader, like a good captain who sees the storm clouds gathering, and decides it’s better to dock and protect his crew than to foolishly ignore the warning signs, all for the chase of the catch.

The worse economy since the Great Depression, a fiscal cliff, I don’t care what our president has been dealt these two terms, they don’t match the clear and present danger of possible extinction. The economy will recover and the debt crisis will either solve itself or Washington will solve it. But the possibility of having an entire nation wiped off the face of history is something economically anxious Americans can’t relate to. Besides, five years from now, most Americans and their children will go on, live their lives like any other day. But will we be able to say the same about our friends in Israel?

There’s something sympathetic, tragic, comforting, and admirable about the lone Sheriff in a small town fending off the violent outlaws all by himself. Sure he phoned Washington for extra support by way of troops, but they never showed up. And so the lone gun at the door defends the town against the bandits.

Benjamin Netanyahu deserves more credit than what he’s getting, and I know he’ll never get it, but there’s hasn’t been a stronger leader on the world stage than the Prime Minister of Israel. Yes President Obama killed Bin Laden, but Mr. Netayahu must think, “Please, that’s a Monday afternoon for me. I deal with hundreds of Bin Laden’s everyday”