Pander Express

I don’t care if Jeb Bush is married to a Latino woman, how does that make him an expert on how Republicans can win Latino and Hispanic voters in future elections? Dare I he only has enough “expertise” to secure a political victory of some kind for himself in the future? Dare I say? Yes because Jeb Bush, if you don’t know by now has been positioning himself as GOP “savior” since the Republican Primary season. But I’ll tell you flat out troop, Jeb Bush will never be president because while the country might be changing, voters willingness to elect another Bush will not: They won’t elect another Bush Jeb, so move on with your life.

And why should they? Who lost and made him heir to the throne? Besides I thought only Democrats believed in political dynasties? You mean Republicans want to replicate that too? Why not, we’re trying to replicate everything else Democrats do, why not political dynasties? Could you imagine, I can see it now: Another Bush in office, how exciting.

This is an absolute farce, Jeb Bush, is an absolute farce, and the idea that he and he alone possesses the key to reaching Hispanic voters is a crime against dummy logic. The media likes to ask whether or not Ronald Reagan would win a GOP primary in 2012 as sort of a back hand slap critique of the base and Tea Party voters. Well, I think he would because Reagan was the reason the conservative movement survived and flourished after Barry Goldwater’s defeat. Why would Reagan conservatives not support the one figure they revere even after his death? George H.W. Bush on the other hand, probably not. George W. Bush, heck no, Jeb Bush, nah.

The base doesn’t reject tone; they reject fraud, and smug moderates who know nothing about them because if they did they wouldn’t go around currying favor to the media by putting down the very voters they need in order to win nomination. I’m always struck at how completely moronic and reality deaf the establishment has been for the past four years. John Boehner would not be the speaker of the House had the Tea Party not gave Republicans the house in 2010. Yet he’s tried at every turn different ways to mute Tea Party influence in government and the Republican Party. Heck, he’s been more forceful and shown more spine in fighting the Tea Party than he has in fighting the president and Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Just for the sake of smart politics at the very least, don’t show contempt for the people who put you in power. It’s like the rock star that refuses to sign autographs at an album release party at the record store. Without those fans that rock artist wouldn’t even have the opportunity to refuse signing autographs in the first place.

Did you know if you pander to Hispanics they’re still going to vote for Democrats? President Obama I believe won 69% of the Hispanic vote. If Jeb Bush were running instead of Mitt Romney, with his Latino wife and the whole lot, President Obama would have still carried a large percent of Hispanic voters. I don’t care what kind of massive expert on Hispanic outreach Jeb Bush is, Republicans have no clue on the problems they face when it comes to minority voters. They think amnesty and pathways to citizenship will suddenly turn the tide in their favor, it won’t.

I can stand for no amnesty, be opposed to the DREAM ACT, be in favor of strict immigration laws and build a fence on the border and I would still win more Latino and Hispanic voters to my side than President Obama and Jeb Bush combined. The reason you ask? It’s simple: I can speak the language. Not only that I’m young, a minority, and I come from a position of speaking real words and being someone who isn’t walking to the beat of a poll tested drum.

These politicians like Jeb Bush and these guys will never be able to appeal to a large portion of the Hispanic population because they can’t relate. What can they tell a 24 year old Mexican kid from San Diego? What can they tell a group of Hispanic kids from Kansas? What can they tell a group of young black teenagers from Compton or the inner city? I’m about as right wing and strident on social issues as they come, and yet I’m able to connect and converse with the very groups Republicans have trouble with. A group of young people who are socially liberal, probably voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, I have friends who fit that very demographic. And I can reach them because they know I care, and I’m not just after their vote. It’s not wrong to want someone to vote for you, but it is wrong to create an entire new platform for an entirely new group of voters simply because you want them to vote for you. That’s why so many young people hate politics.

Jeb Bush is not different in fact he’s part of the problem. You see what he and the others like Chris Christie and Joe Scarborough, and John Huntsman are trying to do is position themselves to get all the glory, all the credit, the influence, the power, and none of the blame. You notice these same characters never show up before defeat, only after like some boxing promoter who suddenly embraces the man who won instead of the fighter he’s been promoting since before the first round bell. They always have something to say, and their solutions never work. They so desperately want to be these figures of high regard it makes me want to vomit because they are so fake and it’s about an inch deep in sincerity.

They were all on television the night after last Tuesday saying “See I told you so, they should have listened to me”. Well geniuses, I see most of you didn’t run for president this year, yet we’re supposed to listen to you always because you know more than we do. Scarborough didn’t run but he’s an expert, Jeb Bush played footsie with the idea so he could promote himself and his book, but he’s an expert.

This is why I tell people why I hate the Republican Party. I hate this party because they’re no better than the Democrats. Both parties are controlled by the same people who put President Obama in a position to win four years ago despite having no experience whatsoever. The same money men in high places want Jeb Bush and Chris Christie to run in 2016. All the Bush guys crawling out of the woodwork like spiders from the air ducts, positioning themselves to regain power like this is still ten years ago.

But let them pander and see how far they get. Let them transform the GOP into Democrat Party lite and we’ll see how many “new” voters they get. Meanwhile they still don’t go into these neighborhoods where a lot of the younger minorities and younger Americans in general live. I don’t care if you are married to a Latino. That’s supposed to mean something I guess. That’s like saying “Look, I’m not racist, my wife is brown.”

Its part rant, part speaking truth to establishment party of which I despise to my very core. I just wish there was a way to get rid of these actors who care more about the name of the party than what the party stands for. Why would I call myself a Republican when you want the party to stand in solidarity with Democrat principles? Rand Paul wants the party to embrace the legalization of drugs. What’s that going to do? “Hey, they’ll only let you smoke pot, we’ll let you do everything, vote for us” You know how stupid that sounds? Let’s be more or less like Democrats which mean we’re in a panic so we’re going to redefine what we stand for by standing for nothing because we blurred the definition of our principles.

But they say pander because they got shook on election night. Now all these experts are running with their pants around their ankles because they got son’d. But they know best, just tell Hispanics they can have amnesty so long as they support us and not the other side in 2016. You know why they want to pander? Because they know they can’t go into communities and speak real because they don’t know how.

They can’t talk to the poor in a way that doesn’t convict or condemn them. Telling people they should vote for you because you want to give them a paycheck and not food stamps is the wrong way to go about gaining their support. How about understanding their situations a little better so you can gain their trust. Minority voters, women, and young people don’t trust Republicans and I don’t blame them because I don’t trust them either.

Give them something to aim for, not something to hate. “I’m going to cut your taxes” And? What about the people who don’t pay taxes? What are you going to do about the poor? What are you going to do about those who have no hope? Where does the hope of Jesus Christ come into play? Why is it that as a non-politician I can go and speak with young people and minorities about Jesus and politics, and yet Republicans can’t do either because they have it in their mind that it won’t work, even before they try?

Let the chickens run around headless for a while accusing one another of being stupid, antiquated, behind the curve, too white, too southern, whatever floats their sinking boat. Meanwhile, I don’t know, maybe there’s some room in the political world for someone who speaks real to people tired of hearing from a bunch of fakes.