The Woman Vote: The Deeper Message for Women in America

I’ve been living in a house with a majority rule swinging in the favor of three women for most of my life. My dad passed away when I was fifteen years old, and since then I’ve been sharing a bathroom, living room, television, computer, and most of the world with a mother, and two sisters. My living circumstance from age 15-21 I’m sure aren’t unique to this world we live in, but it has given me the kind of perspective needed in order to really understand women, why you should respect them, and why they aren’t as respected by the left and Democrats as conventional wisdom would have you believe, or would like for you to desperately believe.

I know a farce when I see one; culture is ruled by the same people who claimed victory on election night last week. These forces behind the push for the woman’s vote are the same forces behind the cameras, the plots, the shows, movies, and magazine spreads that further objectify women beyond any point we’ve seen in America’s cultural significance. The fact is, women aren’t respected by men or other women. I know this because so many conservative women are somehow stripped of their femininity based on the fact that they don’t meet criteria placed higher on a list of standards than say, the fact that they’re women.

The feminist movement which long sold out to..get this: A party largely controlled and dictated by men (Go figure huh?) says being a woman alone does not united liberal and conservative women to a greater good which was, supposed to be women’s rights. Instead conservative women are pushed further to the political and cultural cliff alongside their male counterparts, and even more so. If abortion and condoms are the end all for the feminist movement and its leaders then it’s no wonder why women would accept the b-word if it means reproductive rights are spared.

So, denigrate the whole of the female population within popular culture so long as they have the right to choose and subsidized birth control? According to them Republicans want to strip them of their rights as women, well, I say Democrats want to strip women of their dignity as human beings. After all, one of the largest contributors to Democrat candidates is Hollywood and the music industry. How many movies made by likely liberal directors, starring likely liberal actors have we seen where women are made out to be scantily clad eye candy or brain dead comic relief?

How many Kate Upton commercials have you seen lately? How many commercials have you seen where a woman is wearing a bikini and doing something sexual with a food product? How many rap videos have we seen with women dancing in the background wearing next to nothing while three or four black guys hold their crotches while platinum chains swing from their necks as they rap about how much money and “hoes” they have.

Michele Obama is a great role model for young black girls in America. I don’t care what her politics are; she represents the outside view of black women in today’s society. And yet, I wonder how many black girls strive to be Mrs. Obama as oppose to Beyoncé or Nikki Minaj. Role models for our female generation coming up should know no political alliance or party. The way I see it, if a woman carries herself in a dignified way, is educated, and has something to show for herself without having showed herself off for all the world to see, then we ought to celebrate her as a role model.

But, abortion and contraceptives are the firewall; the b-word and every negative stereotype and sexual image of women be darned. It’s no wonder young girls have such low self-esteem these days. I doubt whether or not them having access to birth control played a role in their thoughts of suicide or feeling that offering themselves to the football team will somehow elevate their lack of self-worth.

Self-Worth, now that’s an issue best left off the table and on the cutting room floor if you’re on the left. The left can’t have an honest discussion about the self-worth of young girls in America because the left has contributed, subsidized, promoted, and openly celebrated some of the most disgusting and most shameful ways in which to completely destroy the self-worth of a woman.

When you have an entire sub industry of Hollywood that profits off the objectification of women, I speak of the adult film industry, it’s no wonder young men can look at a female classmate and all he sees is the image from the porn site he was on the night before. Those movies, those websites, magazines provide young men with a false image and a false definition of what a woman should be. Hollywood and the adult film world, and the music industry tell young men that women are to be toys for your enjoyment and nothing beyond that.

And yet somehow in our twisted and fallen culture these same institutions have wrestled the definition of being a woman in American society away from the parents in every household around the nation. They’ve decided what your daughter will dress like, act like, and how she’ll carry herself.

The deeper conversation is how we build up women from every generation to value themselves beyond the limits of political platforms and talking points. We should also have a conversation about how we systematically breakdown the long standing stereotype of women constructed by pop culture.

To the young girls out there who are trying to find a way through the mess that is America in 2012: Don’t look to Kim Kardashian for a role model, don’t believe the false image on the screen that tells you its okay to take your clothes off in a magazine or on camera.

If Republicans want to invite women into the party going forward we need to stop talking about rape and start talking about worth. What are you worth? A few condoms here or there? An abortion for your troubles?

Who’s looking out for these young ladies? While every style magazine drills into their minds that being toothpick thin is the perfect figure. While every music video trains them to see themselves as playthings for some ignorant rapper. Why aren’t Republicans more comfortable with talking about these issues? They have daughters right? Eva Longoria is not a role model in any shape or definition of the word. I’m sorry but when you come from Hollywood and you live the kind of life these actresses live you can’t tell me these women represent positive examples for young girls.

But it’s been allowed to make a sharp turn in that direction because folks on our side (Conservatives and Republicans) are focused on the wrong target. Abortion and birth control, rape, whatever have been the false target for decades within the conservative movement. For young girls the question isn’t: “Why do you want an abortion?” the question is: “What are you worth?”

What was that young girl worth before and after she committed suicide by throwing herself in front of an oncoming train? I believe she uttered the words: “Finally it’s over” or something to that effect. According to the story she was being bullied at school because of some stupid rumor that she had sex with players from the football team at a party. What are they worth? Hello? Hollywood won’t address that issue; they’re too busy making millions off movies and television shows that promote the same message causes such a negative effect on our young generation. It’s hard to notice the blood dripping from your hands when you’re too busy counting the money huh? If I put out an album with some of the most explicit lyrics about women, and ones that promote violence, I’m not concerned about the young men who will listen to that album day in and day out, form a point of view, and perhaps act out that point of view, because I’m too busy putting blood money in my bank account.

What are they worth?

Let’s address the issue: Self-worth, do they have any? The culture, is it helping or hurting the cause of women in America? The price, do women have one?