God's Will, God's Judgement, Hurricane Sandy, and Why Stephen Prothero Got It Wrong

It’s easy to blame God, ask why God would allow this, this, and this to happen, Why God allows some to perish and others to live. But if one does not belong to God, but to the evil one, the father of darkness, then one cannot truly understand the will of the Almighty for they are still in the world. However those of us who were taken out of the world when we confessed our sins and gave our life to Jesus, understand both the smaller picture as well as the larger picture overall. First off, the world is cursed, man is a fallen creation and therefore wicked weather, murder, dishonesty, lust, wickedness, and an anti-Christ culture has been formed on this earth; that’s the small picture we’ve been dealing with since the beginning. The larger overall picture is that as Christians we know full well we’re living in the last days before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ on the clouds. My Pastor David Blunt calls these days “Bible times” and that as Christians we should rejoice and look forward to great opportunities and blessings. Indeed it’s true, that while the world will slowly fall into deeper sin, wickedness, deception, famine, disease, devastation, and chaos, as Christians we’ll have been spared such tragic events through the taking up of the Church or the “rapture”.

People in the world try to ask questions about issues they do not understand because they’re still slaves to the evil one. Even with the father in heaven who reigns, we Christians know Satan is the god (little “g”) of this world. The bible says in 1 Corinthians 4-4: “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.”

So it’s not surprising that people in the world would question the will of God or his judgement when it comes to Hurricane Sandy or any national disaster. It’s a contradiction because they reject God, yet they blame him for the ills of the earth. It’s because they are blinded by the evil one who rules this age as the prince of the power of the air.

It’s my hope that people seriously consider their ways, turn from them and seek Christ. America’s hour of judgement is fast approaching with every same sex marriage, every celebration of homosexual culture, every abortion, and every corrupting standard we continue to uphold; the righteous hand of God will surely come down on us if we don’t repent and live holy.

But it is up to Christians who know better, to ask God for forgiveness first, because even in our own house are we unclean. If the Christ follower is unholy, a hypocrite, a sinner, blasphemous, and dishonest, then what do you expect the sinner to do? Are we salt and light or bitter herbs and darkness?

I live in Missouri and it’s dry, sunny, and 44 degrees on this Tuesday morning. I don’t know the experience right now of being in this demonic hurricane because I don’t live on the east coast. But I know God’s message, which is the same he sent in 2011 when he allowed tornadoes to rip through this region of the country. I’ve never sought the face of God more than I did that entire Spring and Summer. I repented and cried before the presence of the Lord and indeed our land was healed. So I encourage Christians living along the east coast to seek the face of God and repent. Ask him for forgiveness and he will heal the land and bring peace.

Stephen Prothero got it wrong in his “Belief Blog” for CNN.com. In his article Mr. Prothero seeks to put a nuance spin on God. He said he just doesn’t believe in a God that would drown black babies in Haiti and allow others to live. What he fails to understand is that God has a will for the whole of mankind, but he also allows things to happen, including Mr. Prothero, really bad things.

We Christians know that Satan cannot work his evil unless he asks God for permission first. God decides whether he can or cannot harm mankind. But as cruel as that sounds it’s apart of the will that God has for our lives. While he might allow bad things to happen, we know that God never leaves his children and he always works out a plan for their good, not their destruction.

Romans 8:28, one of my favorite verses- “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Folks like Stephen try to dissect God but fail because God is not  man, nor is his so easily debunked in regards to his will, or his judgement. We know God loves us but he also preaches and gives warning, he rules with love and wrath, his blessings are wonderful at the same time his judgement is like a mighty hammer upon those who are sinners.

Yes God allows children to perish, innocent lives to be lost, and yet the world focuses on that alone. Those whop are blind cannot see the wondrous miracles and works of God in those who have been spared by the unfortunate events of this fallen world. For every person killed every day think about the ones who didn’t die. For every bad storm think about those peaceful sunny days. For all those dark moments in your life think of the times when God was at work without you knowing; how he blessed you.

Let’s not try and contort God or act like we know what we’re talking about when it comes to God by asking questions we think we have the answer for but really don’t. Mr. Prothero and people like him are merely hiding their own sin by trying to fit God around their own thinking. Their arguments start off with “Maybe” and “I think” because they either don’t know or they think they know but they don’t. No child of the world, which are children of Satan can no the works of God because they don’t know him. We can however, because the bible tells Christians of a fallen world and the events to come during the last days. Wicked weather is very much apart of those events. So don’t discount or curse God as the world will increasingly do when such events expand in their ferocity, but instead rejoice and stand strong to the end.

This time around God’s will is simply a message to the United States: As your culture and your lifestyles continue to erode, so too will my judgement upon you come quickly. My grandmother used to say “God is tired, he doesn’t want to punish us”. She was right, God doesn’t take pleasure in allow these things to happen, he doesn’t take pleasure in millions of lives destroyed. He wants us to live righteous and turn to him, not turn away from him. Unfortunately it takes such events to make people sit down and think about how they life their lives.

Our lives are our own, we have free will. But do you ever think that perhaps we’ve gone too far? That perhaps our culture, our forms of entertainment, the way we treat life in terms of Capital Punishment, abortion, and murder are all apart of why America has been in this condition for so long? How long has America been in political, economical, and even environmental straits? It’s easy to blame the president, but how difficult has it been to blame ourselves?

Is America experiencing God’s judgement right now? With all the economic turmoil, division, political corruption, and the bad weather we’ve been having since last year; is this the hand of God judging the United States?