Ted Turner Says It's Good that Soldiers Commit Suicide, TomJeffersonsGhost Calmly Takes Drink of Purple Kool-Aid, Proceeds to Educate Mr. Turner on Death

Old Teddy, I tell ya if he’s not talking about global warming causing cannibalism and an earth overrun by zombies, he’s talking about the goodness of brave soldiers taking their own lives. I’m not gonna rip into him like I normally rip into folk because I believe Ted Turner is mentally unaware of his own mental incapacitation. Ted Turner used to own CNN, he was married to Jane Fonda who is equally an old crusty, troop hating irrelevant dust pipe.

But as they say senior citizen buzzards of a filthy feather flock together. Both Turner and Fonda have a history of US troop bashing so it’s no wonder they were shacking up for so long.

But this hits to the core because I come from, proudly I might add, a long line of soldiers, from both my father’s side and my mother’s side. My nephew the other day said he wanted to be in the military when he grows up. I may be anti-war, but I’ve never been anti-soldier because I know the boots that hit the earth in whatever corner of the globe do so at the order of their superiors, they don’t seek to make war by their own doing. The brave men and women of the US Military are some of the most caring, courageous, and reasonable individuals the world has ever known.

The American soldier is the only one who has liberated millions of people throughout history while taking harsh criticism at back home, where millions of people live free everyday. No one has gotten more of a raw deal than the US veteran returning home from some land God forgotten in a country very few Americans would be able to spell much less pronounce.

You see Ted, it’s never a good thing when someone’s son or daughter loses there life under any circumstance. I thank God I’ve never had to experience that but I know what it’s like to lose an uncle to war.

These left wing sewer dwellers who sit on this throne made of filth, they lecture us time and time again on situations in which they are immune. While an American soldier someone dies, Hollywood continues to live in sin, party, snort some coke, make millions from a bad movie, party some more, screw other actors, and snort more coke. Big time rich celebrity types like Ted Turner don’t have to concern themselves with their family members laying up in the VA with their limbs blown off and half their face burnt to a crisp.

But don’t worry Ted because you see that burnt face and those blown off limbs were done so that you could continue being a smug, clueless, ultra rich creature from the black lagoon.

I say we throw Ted Turner out of his million dollar mansion and put some soldiers in there. Let those Military families spend a few months living Ted’s lavish life. He rides around in a private jet wearing a suit, the dog tag boys ride around in a armored vehicle wearing body armor.

Death is never a good thing Teddy, especially when that life is taken too soon. You can be anti-war, just don’t turn your back on the soldier boys.

For every trip Ted makes in his private jet, for every party thrown at some club in Hollywood, for every dollar made from some trashy low brow movie coming out those sanitation departments called production studios, there are just as many soldiers coming home to a life on the street begging for a few dollars and a second chance.