MSNBC Host Challenges Tagg Romney to a Fist Fight, TomJeffersonsGhost Challenges MSNBC Host to a Fist Fight

On his show “Last Word”, host Lawrence O’Donnell took it upon himself, and rather awkwardly I might add, to challenge Tagg Romney to a fight. Now, the challenge itself was in response to Tagg saying he would like to take a swing at President Obama because of the way the president has been treating his father in terms of how his campaign has been painting Mitt Romney as a liar. Now look, if anyone called my mother or my late father a liar I would be throwing hands like cruise missiles; so I understand Tagg’s frustration.

But the difference between myself and Tagg Romney is that unlike Tagg, I would actually throw hands like missiles if anyone called my mom or dad a liar. I’m not like Tagg Romney, I’m a bit more hard edged and given where I grew up for a good portion of my life, I’m not one to let folks bad mouth my camp and get away with it. Obviously as a born again Christian I’ve been able to better control my anger and I’ve also matured a great deal. But there are rare moments when I have to step back and consider the consequences of throwing bricks.

Here’s my overall point: Instead of picking an easy target Mr. O’Donnell, why not pick…me? I’m willing and ready to throw down anywhere you want to. I’m a 25 year old, 6’0 168 pound born athlete who knows how to box. Even though I opted for basketball and football over the sweet science, trust me, I know how to pick you apart like a surgeon. See whereas you would probably rush in and swing away, I would be measured and methodical. I would pick my shots and counter you all day long. Do I really want to fight Lawrence O’Donnell? I don’t know, it depends on whether or not he really wants to fight Tagg Romney.

Larry’s got this long track record of being the bully on cable news. Whether it’s his disgusting suggestion that because Herman Cain didn’t take part in Civil Rights demonstration he somehow opposed the Civil Rights movement, to his constant bullying of Ann Romney for having MS.

Here’s some advice Tagg: Forget what they said about your father, when they start talking stuff about your mother that’s when you gotta spark somebody out. I say it all the time, you talk about my mother and I’m likely going to jail for assault and attempted murder.

That’s something that gets me to this day. I’m no longer the hot head with a chip on my shoulder looking for reasons to scrap, but if you talk about my family then I’ll hurt you. I don’t like that personal stuff because I never believed in it. I don’t believe you should target the family of politicians because they aren’t running for office, their spouse is.

But Lawrence O’Donnell is I guess the “tough” guy over there at MSNBC. He’s the one that bullies his guests and talks mad garbage behind a camera and a desk, but would never say it to anyone’s face. He’s your classic punk made paper gangster.

He pumps his chest out and throws on that Boston accent, which by the way you only hear when he plays that tough guy role. Just listen to the clip on Youtube, all the sudden he remembered he was from Boston and starting dropping his speech to sound more legit, f*ckin clown.

Tagg Romney is an easy target Lawrence, but me? Not so much. You don’t know me but you don’t know him either, so what’s the difference? I challenge you to a fight. I’ll come to MSNBC’s headquarters and we’ll handle it right outside. I mean after all, you’re this big bad Boston tough guy who grew up rough.

I grew up in one of the most dangerous cities in America, Saint Louis on the north side. Heck, I could have grown up in Mayberry and still kick your a**. If you’re going to pick at low hanging fruit, then you shouldn’t stand under the tree my friend because if you aren’t careful you might get struck my lightning.

Guys like Lawrence O’Donnell can afford to play tough guy on television because when the show is over they go back to their luxury apartment or gated community in some upscale neighborhood on the east coast. Meanwhile the real tough guys who have to live everyday looking over their shoulder for beef, have to be tough because their lives depend on it; not their television ratings.