War on Women: The War that Never Was

The “War on Women” the war that never was, the war that was conjured up by the witches and warlocks in the Democrat Party and liberal media compliant alliance seeking to paint a false narrative of not just Mitt Romney but of conservative principles in relation to social issues in general. For month, far too many for me to remember, all we heard were these underlining messages that Republicans and conservatives were at war, openly with women. Now, this phony war could have been debunked a while ago but for whatever reason it was allowed to carry on like a half dead alien life form clinging to existence in hopes that it may impregnate one last female human host.

What’s starting to worry the left more so than anything else, especially with 20 or so odd says left until booth time is the fact that Mitt Romney for the most part is closing the gap with President Obama when it comes to women voters. It took him long enough perhaps, but hey, if you’re going to seemingly make up ground with females it might as well be at a time when you have about three weeks left in the campaign. How did Romney stop the rush of blood coming from this wound? Well, it’s not so much what he did, but how he’s been able to respond to what President Obama has done to women and to the rest of the American people the last four years.

I’ll give much respect due where it’s due: Willie Geist, the unsung and rather unnoticed third wheel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe had a great point. He basically said women care about the same issues in this election as men and that abortion shouldn’t be cast as the single issue most important to women voters because it’s not. Willie made the most sense out of anyone on the show today; which isn’t a stretch.

But Willie’s right, women care about more than just the right to murder a child or whether or not I or anyone else not involved will pay for their sex life. I don’t want to pay for some girl in college smashing the whole football team, I think I have that right. And I think reasonable women know it’s one thing to say conservatives and Mitt Romney oppose abortion and what have you, but it’s quite a stretch to say they hate women or want to wage war against women.

That’s not true nor has it ever been true. If you want to talk about a war on women then let’s talk about the left’s long history with misogyny. Let’s talk about the porn industry, Hollywood, the music industry, and if you can tell me these poisonous and vile institutions of wickedness were born out of conservatism and enjoy an overwhelming alliance with the Republican Party then you can convince me that Santa Claus is real. We all know the left and the Democrat Party has a strong bond with the entertainment industry’s most evil actors. We can get into how bad porn, popular music, and Hollywood mistreats women and creates a false narrative about how society should view women but it would take me decades to lay it out in detail.

There’s no one conservatives are anti-women when you have Jay-Z and other rappers schmoozing with President Obama. I might add this, Mr. Obama ought to be ashamed of himself in that regard because as a man with two daughters I assume he wouldn’t appreciate someone talking to them the way some of these foul mouth sissy rappers talk about women in their music. By the way some of these rappers the way they dress and talk about women you gotta wonder if they even like women. You see them in the videos with their shirts off and their pants sagging down past their knees dancing, holding their crotches with other men around in the videos. So couple that with the lyrics degrading women and it makes you wonder if these so called gangster rappers like wrapping their lips around a gang of men. But I digress to a more suitable point.

My point is this: You can only accuse conservatives of hating women for so long before women actually begin to realize that the folks telling them for decades that conservatives hate them are the ones who really hated them in the first place. All these dried up passed around actresses from Hollywood who pretend to represent women, you don’t represent no woman; not any women in my life like my mother and my two sisters you don’t. Eva Longoria ranting and raving on Twitter calling women who support Romney stupid. Like she can call anybody stupid. That little Hispanic fruit bat done been with every professional athlete known to man. The last thing, listen why is it that these women from Hollywood can tell you and your daughter what it’s like to be a woman. These women are sleeping around, got a new boyfriend every week, sleeping their way to relevance and they got the nerve to tell you and your daughter how to act like a lady. I say the Hollywood actress needs to keep her butt in the kitchen and let the housewife be an example. Housewives are responsible, caring, reasonable, and they have their priorities in order. The same goes for the woman who works, there’s no shame in an honest work life for a woman. I just can’t stand these Hollywood women out here who pretend to know what the mother of three living in Kansas is going through, or the mother whose son is fighting in Afghanistan.

When you make millions of dollars making movies that suck, and provide nothing to society but more wickedness and promotion of sin, then you have no right to tell a mother living in real America what it means to be a “real woman”. Some Eva Longoria, man I, let me shut up because if she wasn’t used boy I’d break that in half.

Women of America don’t listen to these doorknobs in Hollywood who call themselves “real women”. They have no idea what it’s like to struggle, what it’s like to lay in the bed at night because you’re haunted by images of your son fighting overseas in a war that makes no sense. They have no idea what it’s like to have to barely provide the funds to pay for your breast cancer treatments. Look at em, all they do is make movies, party, screw, and attend red carpet events.

This whole thing is a toilet farce, I mean it’s straight out the toilet bowl. We need to call Roto Rooter and get this fixed. The idea that you can oppose paying for some floozy’s sex life and oppose abortion and somehow be against women is beyond drunk on stupid. These people who promote this false propaganda ought to be ashamed of themselves. Political whores willingly giving it up for some condoms and a right to murder an innocent child. Sandra Fluke, peep this, Sandra Fluke was a speaker at the Democrat National Convention. A year ago no one knew who that woman was, and now she had a speaking role at a major political event in front of millions of Americans? Who would have known she was on par with the President and Vice President; wow.

This isn’t a war on women, it’s a war on women’s intelligence.