Leave Stacy Dash Alone: On Race, Ignorance, and the History of Black Group Think

Leave Stacy Dash alone. She exercised her first amendment right to tweet, she can support whomever she wants, and the most important reason above all as to why you haters should leave her alone: She’s all that, I tell no lie the woman is killing it when it comes to being attractive. So back off, and let people vote, you vote, I’ll vote, and we’ll all be Americans when the dust settles, hopefully.

But seriously folks you know I’m tired of this race stuff. I’m black, I was black when I woke up, black when I was born, black when I pass on. My mom is black, sisters are black, brother is black, family members, all black. My father, who is with the Lord, he was black. But why don’t we act this way when it comes to eye color? I mean, if color matters so much to the left, why not apply this to even the most insignificant of standards; like eye color or hair color.

So for now on if you’re a black American and a Democrat or a leftist of any color, since color is so important to you and the central focus on your daily life, I want you to conduct said life according to your own standards. For the black folks out there don’t ya’ll buy any more groceries from the store if there’s a white person working at that store. Don’t talk to anymore white people, don’t help a white person, I don’t care if they’re being robbed at gun point, don’t help them. I mean because race matters right? And it matters what race you.

Stacy Dash broke the golden rule among black people: Support your own no matter What. But, you know what’s funny? Black folk will support other black folk even when that black person don’t care one bit about them or their situation. After all if President Obama truly cared about the state of black America then he would be bragging and strutting whenever black unemployment declines, like he does whenever the national unemployment rate falls a measly 0.3%.

By the way the rate of unemployment in the black community is 14%, which increased under President Obama but that’s okay, why let facts cloud this historic moment huh. Like Tony Smith say, ya’ll be some good N—-s like ya’ll been and go right ahead and put him back in there. But Stacy Dash is the real enemy according to black America. An actress who happen to be black expressing her right, mind you, her right to support any candidate she chooses, and tweet about it, she’s the traitor to her race, not President Obama.

I soon as see every black voter stuck in the same ditch they been stuck in. “He’ll take care of me if I take care of him” Remember that? It’s a disgrace and a shame when white folks were more outraged and saddened by that black women in 2008 who talked about she don’t have to pay for her mortgage or her gas now that Mr. Obama was in the White House, than black people.

“We gone get us some Obama money” How you think we look to white America? To Hispanics, and Asians when we dancing and shucking like some old stereotype because Barack Obama got elected, like we made it or something. White people look at us and they laugh because the way we danced and cut a rug over President Obama’s election in 2008 was the same way we’ve been dancing and cutting a rug for white America when they give us entitlements and section 8 housing.

Same slaves, different master, and yet Stacy Dash is the one who did wrong. Black folks like Condi Rice, Herman Cain, Colin Powell, Larry Elder, Michael Steele, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Pastor Harry Jackson, J.C. Watts, Mia Love, Allen West, Star Parker, they’re all coons and uncle Toms, traitors to their race because they happen to think differently than the black president.

Never mind the fact that those individuals I named are some of the most positive and successful black leaders in America today, they don’t support Mr. Obama so “screw them” they hate their own kind. It’s sad when so many black folks who live with such low expectations for themselves, place such a high standard for a man who looks at them and all he sees is a vote in his column so he can maintain power. Now it’s not his fault because President Obama is a politician and his job is to win campaigns and do what politicians do.

But for black people to constantly fall into this trap where it’s just fine by us if the person is black, we don’t care about reality. Or, they think, well since so and so is black they’re going to look out for black people. What has Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton done to dramatically improve the conditions of black America? Al and Jesse march for every racially motivated incident known to man, yet they’re nowhere to be found when a black person kills another black person, which by the way happens more often than a non black killing a black.

They marched all day long for Trayvon Martin yet I haven’t heard about any marches for the little black girl who was shot in Chicago outside her home while she was selling candy. I didn’t hear of any march over the little baby being shot to death by an AK-47 during a drop by. The baby was laying on the couch and was hit in the chest by a bullet that came through the window. Did they march for the young black boy who was beaten to death by a group of black teenagers in Chicago?

March for the black boy killed by the non white man because it fits our agenda. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson look at you and they see pawns in a game for power. They use incidents in order to boost themselves and line their bank accounts, and black folks following along like good like sheep. Whenever something goes down they the first ones we call, or if we don’t call they just show up.

Instead of getting mad at Stacy Dash why don’t you show that same anger and passion toward your teenage son or daughter who ain’t doing right. Show that same level of passion when it comes to getting your own life in order. Your kids are having sex, hanging on the corner, failing in school, and you don’t even know it because you’re too busy trying to tell Stacy Dash all about herself on Twitter. “She turned her back on my president nah girl I gosta tell Mrs. Dash a thing or two” No you need to get your butt off the computer and focus on your own life.

Black folks: highest unemployment rate of any ethnic group in America. Let me repeat that for all you people who can’t hear: Black folks have the highest rate of unemployment than any other ethnic group in America. There are more black people out of work today than four years ago. Black people have the highest dropout rate of any ethnic group in America today, we have the highest murder rate, highest rate of single parent homes, more black fathers leave the home than any ethnic group in America and despite all that we gotta get Stacy Dash because she dared to be a free black person.

How you gonna have black group think when no one in the group has good sense enough to think? Everybody in the group can’t be stuck on stupid. Well I say drunk on stupid, most people say stuck. Black folks been drinking stupid for too long. Like we pour out some liquor for our dead homeboys, we need to go head and pour that stupid on out that bottle and throw the bottle in the trash.

No matter how many black presidents black people vote into office it won’t change your circumstance because you won’t change. How is the state of Black America, like CNN asks every month it seems, What’s the state of Black America? How has President Obama improved the lives of black folks in America thus far?

Be careful how you answer though, because you might be an Uncle Tom if you don’t answer correctly. You know I thought it was kind of funny and someone pointed this out, I thought it was funny that Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t talking to any black families in that commercial he made where he’s telling people to wake the “bleep” up. I assume the left feels black people will follow their marching orders next month. A disgrace and a shame.

Stacy Dash is the traitor but who’s the slave? And if your master looks like you but his masters are white, what’s the difference?

I love how people said she wasn’t a real black person because she opposes a president they support, who is half black and half white, which makes him….not a real black person. Boy oh boy man put that bottle of stupid down please.