Let's Be Real: Ryan v Biden Will Be an Absolute Slaughter

I could give you objective analysis detailing the strengths and weaknesses of both Paul Ryan and Vice President Biden, and you know tell you how they compare to each other and who holds an advantage over the other in such and such category. But I know if I did that I would be wasting my time and yours as well. Look, there’s no need to break this down, Paul Ryan is going to dismantle the vice president.

I mean sure Mr. Biden runs from facts and truth like roaches when the lights click on, but Paul Ryan is too smart to fall into Joe’s web of dishonesty and absurdity, whereas Vice President Biden I’m afraid, and unfortunately for him isn’t smart enough to trap Ryan with his double talk, thin air conclusions, and debunked revisionist history.

I fully expect a one sided woodshed beat down and win #2 for Team Romney/Ryan. I give the vice president no chance what so ever to beat Paul Ryan because Ryan holds an astronomical advantage over Vice President Biden in every area known to man, animal, plant, insect, you name it; every living creature knows Biden has no shot in the hottest Hell come October 11th.

I know there are some folks out there who say conservatives and Republicans are dangerously, or at least potentially too confident in Paul Ryan but I say look, my niece can’t even form coherent words yet and I think even she would be a heavy favorite in a debate against Joe Biden.

The only way Biden wins is if he just lies the whole debate, just says “forget it” and he starts saying things that even people who don’t understand English know aren’t true.

You know if he starts saying things like, “We created 7 billion jobs, We killed Usama Bin Laden twice.” Crazy stuff like that.

Listen don’t bring your popcorn and Cola, bring flowers and where black because somebody’s getting buried, on the real. They better hook up the lifeline and phone call option from Who Wants to be a Millionaire because Biden’s gonna need all the help he can get plus divine intervention, magic, a Paul Ryan voodoo doll perhaps, a witch’s hex, a silver bullet, some garlic, a wooden stake, Holy water, Thor’s hammer.