Oh So Now It's Jim Lehrer's Fault President Obama Lost the Debate Last Night

As yes, one of the most common after the fact reactions in boxing is for the fighter, the promoter, and the fighter’s team to blame the ref for how the fight went down. Either the ref was too passive or the ref constantly made himself apart of the fight. Well, all day long the media has been continuing the same gripes and scoffs they had last night over PBS veteran anchor Jim Lehrer and his decision to make like a good “ref” and let the fighters fight, throw hands, lob bricks, toss bombs, fire cannons, you get the point.

This reminds me of when Carl Froch sort of blamed Steve Smoger for allowing Andre Ward to constantly smother him and clinch. Froch felt uncomfortable and somehow that was Smoger’s fault. Well, the same applies to the media. Just because they were uncomfortable with how easily outpointed President Obama was by Mitt Romney doesn’t mean Jim Lehrer was doing a bad job as the moderator. Perhaps, now just bare with me because you know I’m not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but perhaps Romney just plain dusted the president, no?

President Obama got worked, plain and simple. Like Floyd Mayweather says “It was easy work”. You can’t blame the moderator if one of the candidates is so out of his depth that no amount of media bias and planted questioning can save him. Romney was prepared, focused, and up for the fight; President Obama was not.

So what this tells me is what John Nolte wrote about on Big Journalism. And while we give big dap to John I want to expand on his point that now the media is out for blood. He’s correct, the media is so mad and so out of their wit they will throw objectivity and journalistic honor out the window and just go straight for the throat. They want Romney dead politically so bad they can hardly control themselves; as on display last night when Chris Matthews had an on air meltdown.

I feel bad for Mitt Romney and it’s like dude, you would have been a lot better off had you lost the debate because now the media, see at first the media just had a strong dislike toward Mitt Romney, but now they hate him after what he did last night.

Words like “Liar” and “Manipulation” are being tossed around as an SOS signal for the rest of the media to begin building a new narrative in lead up to the final two presidential debates. When I heard on Fox and Friends that the next debate will be in town hall format my stomach kind of turned to be honest. Boy I really feel uneasy about this kind of debate because you know the audience will be crowded purposely mind you with Obama supporters and DNC plants. Sounds like a nutty conspiracy but it’s not unusual for debate audiences to be packed with supporters of a candidate. Remember, during the GOP primary the Nevada debate crowd was stacked full of annoying Romney supporters who cheered every time the man moved.

I just have a feeling that like, we’re going to see a stacked debate audience in favor of President Obama. They’re going to ask about the 47% and all these prepared questions non stop to try and knock Romney off his momentum. It’s not fair but liberals don’t give two craps about fairness when it comes to political battles.

But back to Jim Lehrer you know I think it’s a load of bunk that Jim is getting crucified like this. The man had a job to do as the moderator and that was let these two candidates debate, not defend one and attack the other. The media wanted him to act like a tag team partner for the president and he didn’t do that. So in their own twisted way their acting like the mob and putting a hit out on the old guy.

Lehrer broke the new media rule: “Protect the president at all times and attack Romney” 

And for that, he’s gotta go…badda bing, it’s done. Jim Lehrer might be sleeping with the fishes after what he pulled last night. He should pray Obama wins or else he’ll be blamed for Mitt Romney winning the whole thing.

I actually like Jim Lehrer though. I remember watching him on PBS when I was growing up. My dad would watch the New Hour every evening and the one person I remember from that show is Jim Lehrer. The guy’s a veteran alright, don’t do him dirty like this.

Liberals and the media response to debate:

#Blame it on Jim Lehrer

#Blame it on rust

#Blame it on altitude

#Blame it on the rain

#Blame it on the boogie