Mitt Romney Dominates, Stops President Obama in Four

Leading up to last night the narrative within the media realm was that Mitt Romney needed a flawless, not near flawless, a flawless performance; a game changer if you will. I suspect, given his performance the president and his team arrogantly thought Romney was there to just as we say in the boxing world, “make up the numbers”.

This was Tyson v Douglas, Holyfield v Bowe I, Lewis v Rahman I, Spinks v Ali, in short President Obama didn’t see the beat down coming and he was overwhelmed, outclassed, and simply dominated by the hungrier, more motivated challenger with nothing left to lose.

And like Mike Tyson in Tokyo when he fought Buster Douglas, President Obama it seems did little preparing and just figured to go on his talent and persona, hoping to intimidate Mitt Romney like he did John McCain. But when he looked into Romney’s eyes during the center ring stare down not only did Romney not blink, he turned the tables and make the president blink.

Another takeaway, more so this morning than last night was the collective silence and dumbfounded reaction on behalf of President Obama’s most loyal and strident supporters: The Media. No one in the media displayed more frustration and shock than Chris Matthews Mr. Tingle erection himself who feverishly offered his take on the performance of Mitt Romney and the president. He sounded like a teenage girl scoffing and stomping around her parent’s mansion because instead of showing up to her lavish totally awesome sweet sixteen party all the kids in the neighborhood opted to attended her rival’s party.

The media wanted, hoped, and arrogantly assumed that Mitt Romney would bristle under the calm cool experienced aura of the president who is so masterful and perfection personified when it comes to debating. Remember, the media pushed this idea all along that President Obama was one of the greatest debaters of all time and that he was the most difficult to debate against.

But as always the media doesn’t give you the whole story, which is usually riddled with facts that work against them. It’s easy for someone to perform well in debates when they’re on the attack, as was the case four years ago when then candidate Barack Obama took John McCain to the woodshed all night long and sometimes on Saturday.

Now, President Obama had to not only debate as an incumbent president, but he had to defend which is something Mr. Obama has never been able to do. President Obama has never been able to defend his policies, and I’m talking about the stimulus, the ACA, even when he extended the Bush tax cuts in 2010 he couldn’t defend his reasons why he did it.

By the way I’m glad Mitt Romney called him on his double talk when it comes to taxes. Romney correctly pointed out the fact that despite campaigning against and opposing the Bush tax cut policy the president signed an extension of those tax cuts two years ago.

And I hear “Why didn’t the president bring up the 47% remarks and hit Romney over the head?” Well, rabbit punches are illegal, and here’s why: The problem for the president is that once he tries to bring something up about Mitt Romney, there’s a response and a solid one.

If he would have mentioned the dog on the roof, Mitt Romney would have responded, “Mr. President you actually ate a dog”. If the president brought up those 47% comments, Mitt Romney could have said we have nearly 47 million people on food stamps.

It’s easy for the media to cry foul and ask why he never brought this stuff up in the debate. All this stuff is overrated in my view especially the auto bailout and how “successful” it was for the president. Never mind GM still owes the American people I think it was 50 billion dollars? Isn’t it around 49% of their sales have declined?

Once again, when presented in the context of facts the president simply has no answer and had no answer last night.

Romney however mustn’t accept this one dynamite performance and just pack it in; he has to replicate debate one’s shellacking in the second and third debate. Make no mistake about it the media, the Obama team, and the president are awake, and will be out for blood because boy are they angry.

They just got schooled by Mitt Romney of all people, Mitt Romney; or as the kids at the school where my sister works call him, “Montgomery“.